Why Bikers like to Wear a Leather Vest

Why Bikers like to Wear a Leather Vest

Many folks without proper knowledge of the motorcycling culture see biker vests simply as a canvas for biker patches. For those of us in the know, however, motorcycling vests are very clearly a key aspect of biking. After all, one of the most important aspects of responsible motorcycling is choosing the right attire for safety.

Well, perhaps one of the most significant pieces of advice that we can give any newcomer to the world of motorcycling is this: never forgo a motorcycle jacket for a biker vest. Wear both, or just wear the jacket; but do not just wear the vest.

Why? Simply put, because in the event of an accident, your limbs are going to be especially vulnerable. You can have the thickest, sturdiest and most protective jacket on the market; if you’re thrown off that bike, the first thing that’s likely to hit the ground is your elbows or hands. And without arm protection…well, you can likely imagine the rest.

But that said, biker vests obviously have a prominent role to play in bike attire – they’d hardly be as popular as they are otherwise. And when it comes to choosing which biker vest to go for, one of the best approaches is to make sure you choose one that complements your jacket well. Though of course, precisely what that entails is a matter of personal taste.

For instance, let’s say that, like many bikers, you’ve opted for a jacket made of synthetic protective material, like Kevlar. Perhaps, for aesthetic purposes and an even feel, you’ll want to opt for an outer vest that’s also made of Aramid fibre. Or perhaps, to balance things out, you’d prefer to opt for a leather vest – in that way, you’ll get the extra protection of leather without the weight that a full leather jacket would put on you.

And then there’s the other concerns, like storage space. Let’s say that, for one of your motorcycle trips, you need to bring along more bits and bobs than usual, and find yourself short of proper pocket space on your jacket. Picking out a vest that offers a decent amount of protected, zippered pockets can be a great way to quickly and easily expand motorbike storage space, and offer some extra protection in the process.

Safety, too. A lot of motorcycle jackets come in very dull colours; and when driving on the road at night, this can present a serious dangers for any unwitting car drivers that might be coming up behind you. But keeping a reflective vest that can easily be thrown on over your jacket before heading out for a night ride can often be a literal life-saver.

And then, of course, there’s protection from the elements. This is where under-vests are especially useful. As you’re likely aware, there are motorcycle vests that are expressly designed to be worn under the jacket. These jackets are extremely efficient at providing extra insulation, thus making a drive through even the frostiest of mornings a whole lot cosier.

Vests are as key an element of proper motorcycling attire as anything else, and picking the right one can often be what makes a ride slick, safe and comfortable. So next time you find yourself perusing for one, do be sure to consider some of these pointers – it’s best for your wallet and for your motorcycling experience.

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