Why Have a Building Inspection?
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Why Have a Building Inspection?

A professional building inspection, by a registered builder, is generally best. A full inspection gives you more certainty on the building you are intending to purchase. 

You would generally not go to court without a lawyer. You would not get your car fixed without a mechanic, and so it goes for having your house inspected.

In Canberra it is mandatory to have all homes inspected. With that comes the termite and timber pest inspection. Upon the inspection you also get the insurance paper showing the inspector is insured, as nothing in this line is perfect. Termites are sneaky and the inspection is not intrusive. So insurance is needed. 

The inspection also comes with an evaluation of the property as to what is approved to be there by the local government, and what has been added without approval. For example, if there is a garage turned into a bedroom, along with bathroom, it may not be approved. Habitable rooms must have certain heights, window opening ratios must be right, and the like. Even covered pergolas can only be put up with a maximum roof area of 25 square meters before they need approval to be there. That is because of wind uplift.  Inspectors need to know all this.

Lastly, in Canberra you need to have an energy rating done on the house by a Building Assessor. This is your last inspection. 

The cost of building inspections is passed onto the buyer at settlement in Canberra. 

Some may complain it is not needed, but generally it is. A good inspection encourages the owners to not cheat and not to cover up dodgy work, and the buyer generally gets a better home. And let's face it, when you are moving into a new home, or a home that is new to you, the thing you do not want is nasty surprises or where you have been tricked by a seller. Most sellers are good people. But the inspections tend to encourage those who might want to do something wrong and cover it up, to just do the right thing.

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