Wood Alternatives

Wood Alternatives

Whether it's for constructing a new addition, building a deck or creating a piece of furniture, wood is the go-to material in general. Nevertheless, many traditional wood products have environmental and structural disadvantages. Wood is known to shrink under certain circumstances, swell and deteriorate, and, unless properly treated, develops biological diseases and fungi.

Plenty of creative alternatives are available. Here are 2 sampling of wood alternatives:

Wood Composites

Wood Composites are composite materials which combines wood with recycled plastics or other components in order to provide a more durable and in some cases even cheaper commodity. Wood composites require virtually no finishing, staining or maintenance, and are made to last. This is mostly used for decking.


Stone has been an ancient material for building houses. Stone is still used today for its amazing isolating properties, which during the hot summer months prove to be extremely useful. In addition, stones are a very strong and long lasting material that gives strength and resistance to many biological factors, such as mold.

Collaborate Construction

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