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Review By Jonny on Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017
The TRex mudhoney was used by the other guitarist in my band , I started to develope a tragic case of envy and he , because they're quite expensive , wouldn't let me borrow it and I couldn't afford one until I saw the price on the audiobuy website. A few months later i'm still really liking the simple front controls , great sound and rock solid build since i've dropped it from reasonable heights too many times now. Sam the other guiarist in our band paid a few hundred dollars for his mudhoney from another seller , i paid alot less for the pedal so now he can be the jealous one! I have not shopped for anything from Audiobuy before so i can only review this pedal as my first experience. I paid for the pedal at the beginning of this year and have since been gigging with it and wasn't going to leave a review but ive recently been in contact with audiobuy for something else since and thought they deserve a good review before making another order.
Review By Jason on Friday, Mar 03, 2017
good product range but website is a bit tricky. I bought a zoom recorder which is a nice gadget. However the instructions are very minimal. If you replace the battery when it goes flat, it wipes the memory chip..nothing about that in the instructions. When I went on add the accessories pack to the order, I had difficulty getting it added as the web site wanted me to complete the transaction without it.
Review By JR on Friday, Mar 03, 2017
Exactly that. Great price, website is good. Online chat worked well. Pretty sure the website said delivery within 3-5 business days. Then recieved the phone call to say it would be longer. Even if i paid extra for postage no guarantees. A little disappointed but overall happy
Review By Gabe on Friday, Mar 03, 2017
my order from this shop has quite some history and i've been quite dismayed at the dishonest practices of Australian music retailers. It all started when i wanted to buy the EMG pickguard valued at about $600 in local stores but $150 cheaper at Audiobuy so i called my local shop for a price match. They responded by saying that i shouldn't buy from AudioBuy and i should leave a negative review about them even though i hadn't yet purchased anything which I thought was very dishonest. I got back to Audiobuy and told them what my local Australian music shop had said , I will not name names , Audiobuy responded that their price is the lowest and because my local shop could not price match then they were making things up to try and win the sale. I phoned back my local shop and said i was going ahead with the Audiobuy purchase unless they price matched and explained why their staff were trying to get me to leave negative reviews about a competing store.
Review By Huan on Wednesday, Mar 01, 2017
Ordered a Behringer X-touch Compact and there was a quick check of available stock before even allowed to purchase. Katie was most helpful and she single-handedly quelled any suspicion of spam or fraud cases via her quick and understanding emails. The product was not available in Singapore so I took the opportunity to order it via their Audiobuy virtual office online. The speed of the purchase and smoothness of transactions made expectation of tracking/delivery/response very high. BUT this is not a company like Amazon/Taobo/Alibaba. No doub t it handles orders well but tracking and postage is not really working in tandem with them as yet. It took about a 2.5 weeks for my product to arrive from their HQ in USA to Singapore. It arrived in perfect condition and as advertised. Trustable products with good communication via Katie, good price and no hidden costs. Once the understanding that this is not Amazon helps to alleviate worries.
Review By Antonio on Wednesday, Mar 01, 2017
Time was taken to carefully wrap my guitar and for this we are appreciating your efforts , the guitar arrived on time and we will be buying again I think if we can afford the better series of delay pedals. Thanks to you AudioBuy!
Review By Daniel McCarthy on Monday, Feb 06, 2017
I've left my name in this review so AudioBuy know who is posting it and hopefully they hurry up and send my guitar already. I knew that when I purchased the guitar it wasn't in stock but it has been over the 1 week they told me for shipment , it's now 3 days past this date and katie from audiobuy is saying it's a few days away still.
Review By Carlyle on Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
After one minor but frustrating incident during checkout the manager of AudioBuy got back to me the next day to explain why my card was declined and made changes on their system to fix the issue and let my payment go through. After I emailed about this everything was fixed and they were very polite. Thanks guys for sorting it out - I got my product I ordered from you a few days ago and I'm really happy with it. Keep up the good work!
Review By Gill on Thursday, Feb 02, 2017
I had a very positive experience with the items that I bought online. The communication from AudioBuy Hong Kong was prompt, and clear. The brand new Pioneer Toraiz was delivered to me quite quickly and I didn't need to wait for local hong kong musical instrument shops to bring them as it came direct from the States , very happy with my purchase and i'll be buying some Pioneer headphones from these guys soon too. No complaints at all. Thanks!
Review By Stuart C on Thursday, Feb 02, 2017
I had a very positive experience with the items that I bought online from AudioBuy. The communication from these guys was prompt and clear. The item was delivered to me in a timely fashion. No complaints at all. Thanks!
Review By Jie Lie on Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017
Sorry if my english not good , we buy line6 POD guitar box (POD500X) , it come in mail with price of low. :) thankyou audiobuy
Review By Tsen Chung on Sunday, Jan 22, 2017
Time was taken to carefully wrap my guitar and for this we are appreciating your efforts , the guitar arrived on time and we will be buying again I think if we can afford the better series of Martin guitar. Thanks to you AudioBuy!

About Us

AudioBuy is a leading musical instrument dealer shipping internationally to most countries including Hong Kong. Representing over 250 of the most well known and respected brands in the musical instrument and pro audio industry. We proudly offer the best customer experience possible at the best prices and are committed to always shipping on time to our customers in Hong Kong and worldwide. We listen to our customers’ needs, and deliver the best solution and fit. We believe that the products we carry are more than just specs and numbers. At AudioBuy we want to provide as much information available to minimize the questions you have. We provide supporting information through our website so you can have that "in-store shopping experience" without leaving your home. We pride ourselves on having the best prices in Hong Kong with free shipping on ALL ORDERS. Since we are strictly limited to online sales, we are able to keep prices rock bottom so there is no reason to shop around. If we are off the mark, we offer price matching to guarantee you can purchase your product at the lowest price online.

 所有订单直接从美国出货 - 我们列出的价格包括免费送货以及所有服务。AudioBuy.hk香港提供了种类广泛的乐器和专业录音设备,如USB/Firewire 接口、吉他、DJ设备、耳机、现场音响、调音台及音效设备。获得AudioBuy的最佳报价,或讨论您的需求 - 请与我们联系。对于我们发运货物的运费,您不需要支付任何费用。与许多零售商的政策不同,获得我们的免费送货,没有最低购物金额的要求。到澳大利亚和欧洲的国际运输,不包含超过200千克的大型包裹,如大功率放大器、大型数码钢琴和组合放大器。涉及到欧洲和澳大利亚遥远目的地的送货,可能在结帐时产生额外的运输成本。对于超大项目,您也可以不选择我们的标准运费,而选择组织自己的货运。大多数很重的物品,如电吉他/原声吉他、放大器和数码钢琴,在结帐时不产生额外的运输费用。(要联系我们,请向下滚动)。当您的订单已发货,您可以在下面输入您的美国邮政跟踪号来跟踪您的货物。


Free Shipping
 With zero extra charges for shipping and no extra tax or duty costs you can rest assured that the price listed on our website will always be the total amount you will pay for your delivered order.We offer the guaranteed lowest prices with free shipping throughout Hong Kong and internationally. Please contact us for best price quotes and invoices. We carry all the big brands, including Fender , Schecter , Electro-Harmonix , Ibanez , Roland , Boss , Yamaha , Gibson , Peavey and many others with free international shipping to Hong Kong - Kowloon , Tsuen Wan , Yuen Long

Our sales team is comprised of professional musicians available to help you purchase what is right for you. If you want to know how the newest keyboards compare to each other or what's the hottest thing in home recording, we can tell you. Beyond sales advice, AudioBuy Hong Kong also provides access to extensive product information from manufacturers.We pride ourselves on the unparalleled level of service we provide our customers. Customers are contacted promptly to inform them that their order has been processed, with personalized attention right through delivery. Our assortment includes over 15,000 products - and grows each day. Through a combination of our large warehouse and relationships with wholesalers , we are able to provide a superior selection of musical equipment and pro recording gear.

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AudioBuy Reviews (Hong Kong)

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