Jewellery & Watch Retailers In Australian Capital Territory

CloseVangeli Jewellery
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. At Vangeli all of our staff are true industry specialists. Their knowledge and skills are unsurpassed distinguishing them from retail jewellers. Vangeli has owned several opal mines in Lightning Ridge and is an expert in the supply of black opal internationally and to Embassy personnel. They also supply loose and set South Sea pearls from Broome, Western Australia, as well as Champagne and Cognac diamonds.
CloseJewellery Kings
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. Big, brash and bold δΈ€ JEWELLERY KINGS is the king of the urban jewellery scene. Australia’s #1 source of the freshest chains, pendants, rings, bracelets, watches, and earrings, each piece is designed to make a statement. Launched in 2013,JEWELLERY KINGSleads the way with individuality and attitude. Inspired by the US urban culture, and worn by some of the biggest names in the music, sports, and fashion industries in Australia and overseas,JEWELLERY KINGScontinues to make an impact.
CloseErroyl Pty Ltd
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. ERROYL is an Australian Watch Company, offer high quality refined and elegant automatic watches for men with free international shipping. We are focused on producing affordable luxury automatic watches designed for elegance and crafted with precision. ERROYL are dedicated to offering automatic watches of the highest quality that imbue elegance, respect and longevity. The company is owned by the Wes Knight. It would eventually become Erroyl Griffith, in ACT, Australia in 2014.