Jewellery & Watch Retailers In Australia

CloseVangeli Jewellery
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. At Vangeli all of our staff are true industry specialists. Their knowledge and skills are unsurpassed distinguishing them from retail jewellers. Vangeli has owned several opal mines in Lightning Ridge and is an expert in the supply of black opal internationally and to Embassy personnel. They also supply loose and set South Sea pearls from Broome, Western Australia, as well as Champagne and Cognac diamonds.
CloseInfinity Rings
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. Infinity Rings began in 2004 out of a desire to create a premium range of rings for men that offered both classic and modern designs of outstanding quality. We offer mens infinity ring, mens titanium rings, tantalum rings, platinum wedding bands and many more. Our ethos stems from our belief that a gentleman’s commitment ring should be a sign of dedication while at the same time an expression of individuality.
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. The Issue: If you were ill, injured, involved in an accident, emergency or medical incident, would those around you know who YOU are, WHO YOU WANT NOTIFIED, or whether you have any medical conditions, allergies, special needs or medications that could affect your treatment? The Solution: Wear or carry Emergency ID. Emergency ID Australia was founded 15 years ago by Nicole Graham, after a 13-year career as a Police Officer who then suffered a Heart Condition, Breast Cancer and PTSD.
CloseStones Diamond Ring Specialists
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. In 1970, John and Dell Stone recognized there was a need for a more upmarket and prestigious jeweler in Brisbane. Unlike the many chain jewelers, John and Del’s desire was to specialize in manufacturing, creating individually handcrafted pieces for their clients. Their simple philosophy was to offer quality pieces, value for money and good honest service. Today, those simple values remain the core values of our business.
CloseKalfin Jewellery
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. Our journey began with the design, manufacture and supply of some 3,500 jewellery retail outlets throughout Australia and New Zealand. We spent 28 years supplying all the well known jewellery chains and groups, as well as a large selection of independent retailers. The name Kalfin became synonymous with excellence, as we dedicated our existence to the design and creation of innovative jewellery with superior quality and service.
CloseDiamondport Jewellers
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. Diamondport is Australia's finest bespoke jeweller, specialising in diamond engagement rings. Discover our collection of handcrafted rings designed with unrivalled expertise and exceptional detail by master jewellers in our Brisbane studio. We work exclusively with hand-selected diamonds that meet our triple excellence grading standards to guarantee outstanding quality and exceptional value.
CloseDuffs Jewellers
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. Duffs Jewellers began with the birth of Mr. Frank Alexander Duff in 1906. He was born in Gippsland in a small town called Neerim South where his father owned a coachbuilding firm. Duffs are now Geelong's premier store for all things engagement rings, wedding rings, custom jewelry, watches, silver, and jewelry repairs. Family-owned and operated for over 90 years, Duffs Jewellers has established itself as Geelong’s premier jewelry store.
CloseForever Chic Jewellery
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. Affordable Fine Jewellery, Forever Chic Jewellery specialises in custom-designed certified Moissanite, IGI and GIA certified diamond and other coloured Gemstone rings at the best value for money prices Australia wide without compromising on quality. WIth Forever Chic Jewellery, every woman can feel beautiful with luxury fine jewellery now made more attainable Australia.
CloseVayo Pearls
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. We at Vayo Pearls, guarantee the purest and best quality, certified freshwater pearls jewellery at the best rates. Check out our freshwater pearl jewellery sets selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces on our online store.
CloseJewellery Kings
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. Big, brash and bold δΈ€ JEWELLERY KINGS is the king of the urban jewellery scene. Australia’s #1 source of the freshest chains, pendants, rings, bracelets, watches, and earrings, each piece is designed to make a statement. Launched in 2013,JEWELLERY KINGSleads the way with individuality and attitude. Inspired by the US urban culture, and worn by some of the biggest names in the music, sports, and fashion industries in Australia and overseas,JEWELLERY KINGScontinues to make an impact.
CloseWatch Winder Australia
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. Watch Winder Australia is a good quality and affordable prices from Kingsley Co Australia site. Helping you step by step of finding cheap white leather watch women is what we aim for. Enjoy exploring our range of simple men leather watch shop and find the mens leather watch bracelet for sale.
CloseLane Gems & Jewellery
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. Located in the Dymock’s Building in Sydney CBD, Lane Gems & Jewellery has been specialising in designing and manufacturing custom designed rings and jewellery since 1972. Be it engagement rings, wedding bands, a sentimental keepsake, special gift or personal treat, Lane Gems & Jewellery has the experience to produce bespoke jewellery pieces to suit all clients needs.
CloseAP Crystals Shop Sydney
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. Sydney AP Crystals offers Affordable, Genuine, and Authentic Crystals at discounted prices. Buy crystals online. Crystals for sale. An online crystal sho p. We sell ethically resourced crystals from all over the world. Affordable, quality crystals, for healing and metaphysical abilities and much more.
CloseFinelines Jewellers
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. Finelines Jewellers are your Gold Coast jewellery designers, repairers, manufacturers and setters. Exquisite Handmade Jewellery finely crafted by master craftsman, Ben Tracy and team at Finelines Jewellers workshop in Robina. To book an appointment and start your own unique design journey, contact us today.
CloseHolo Jewels
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. We are a small jewellery brand based in Tasmania. We are dedicated to providing holographic looking jewellery and women’s accessories. Holo Jewels stock all products sold on the website, which ensures fast postage and affordable (it’s free). We also provide a money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the product with 30 days, provided it is returned undamaged.
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CloseCerrone Jewellers
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. Cerrone at the heart of Australia’s leading jewellery rouse run by family love story of passion and vision. The flagship store started in 1972 and now operates the largest handmade jewellery workshop in Australia. Over the 45 years Cerrone is highly rewarded for its craftsmanship and reputation of design and excellence. Cerrone creates unique hand-crafted designs using the finest materials. Australia’s largest handmade jewellery workshop well known for bespoke engagement rings.
CloseDDS Diamond Design Studios
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. DDS Diamond Design Studios have been making handmade engagement rings in Adelaide and individual jewellery pieces for two generations with all designs created in-house. We are an award winning family business, originating in Switzerland and have been established in Adelaide, Australia for over 50 years. Our parent company “Moser” was presented with the Australian Goldsmith Association 1st Prize for jewellery craftsmanship and design excellence in 1993.
CloseJewellery Design Studio
Jewellery & Watch Retailers in Australia. At JDS we create unique and individual jewellery for our clients. Although we carry numerous diamond engagement rings in store to select from, we usually find that our clients choose to modify and personalize their items into a unique piece. This involves sitting together with our qualified Designer who hand sketches in front of, and with the client, to create quality, individual pieces.
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