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CloseThe Bearded Baristaa
Cafes in Australia. From his earliest memories, Khaled Alfas was deeply entrenched in the family trade, surrounded by the rich aroma of roasted Lebanese coffee beans and the subtle crunch of assorted nuts. The Alfas family had built their reputation around wholesaling these products, and Khaled, like a sponge, absorbed all the intricate details of the trade as he grew up. Upon completing his education, Khaled took a different path, exploring new opportunities beyond the confines of the family business.
CloseVector Punk
CloseCheapest Load of Rubbish
Rubbish & Waste Removal in Australia. We load the Muck to the Truck! Furniture, garden waste or rubble, it all gets removed the same way. Our two men hand-load your rubbish and junk onto our trucks, leaving no stone unturned. We remove all sorts of rubbish and waste, no matter what your needs are.