Health & Medical Specialists In Sydney

CloseTMJ and Sleep Therapy Sydney
Health & Medical Specialists in Australia. The Sydney Centre for TMJ and Sleep Therapy is a unique clinic that provides care for patients with TMJ pain and sleep disorders. We are qualified TMJ specialists and our staff are able to diagnose and provide the solutions that are right for your condition.
CloseFirst Aid Course Sydney
Health & Medical Specialists in Australia. First Aid Courses Sydney is a local provider and Registered Training Organisation (RTO) 40407 specializing in delivering high-quality first aid training in Hobart , Launceston and around Sydney.
CloseSydney Kinesiology
Health & Medical Specialists in Australia. With Clients in Europe, LA – USA and Australia, Ani the founder of Sydney Kinesiology is a leading Sydney and worldwide kinesiologist, whose directive power and certainty effortlessly navigate clients to reach their goals. It is her attitude and ever-expanding desire to support peoples’ wellbeing that has enabled Ani’s powerful voice to access healing at a deeper level. She combines the wisdom from kinesiology and music success.
CloseThe Mindful Spine Clinic
Health & Medical Specialists in Australia. Dr. Josephine Frize BA DO is a highly experienced Osteopath and Clinical Pilates instructor. The Mindful Spine Clinic was created to provide health care that is based on the individual needs of the patient, using a methodology that focusses on making improvements to lifestyle and body awareness. The Mindful Spine Clinic provides a unique service that is geared towards rehabilitation and education that supports our patients in order to feel back in control of their health and wellbeing.
CloseSpine and Posture Care
Health & Medical Specialists in Australia. Do you feel anything uneasy in your back, spine, shoulders, joints or neck? Then you might want to see a chiropractor. Chiropractic is known to be an effective modality for treating joints and spine conditions. If youre experiecing pain and need effective relief the chirorpactors at Spine and Posture Care can help.