Musical Instrument Retailers In Victoria

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Musical Instrument Retailers in Australia. InstruShare stands as the premier online destination in Australia for individuals seeking to rent or hire musical instruments. Within our virtual marketplace, a vast array of instruments awaits, spanning from guitars and pianos to drums and violins, all offered at accessible rates. Whether you're just starting out on your musical journey or boast years of expertise, InstruShare ensures that the ideal instrument awaits you.
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Musical Instrument Retailers in Australia. Scream Machines is all about you achieving the sound you want. Musicianship is one thing - but ask and producer or engineer if it's everything. The boutique guitar pedal makers out there, and even some of the big names, are breaking new ground all the time. It's a journey many are on; and you can get on board too. Take your audience somewhere with your guitar solos, using effects they haven't heard before.
Musical Instrument Retailers in Australia. Store DJ is a national retail business specialising in providing audio and lighting technology to DJs, musicians, nightclubs and bars. Store DJ’s key product lines include CD players, digital dj equipment, DJ software, turntables, mixers, sound systems, studio recording equipment, music production software and lighting equipment. Store DJ has 4 retail stores; one in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and our newest store in Perth.
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