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CloseThe Neighbourhood Clinic
Health & Medical Specialists in Australia. WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBOURHOOD CLINIC A Medical & Movement clinic owned and run by people from your neighbourhood. What makes us different is that we look at our patients as a whole person (physical, mental & social) to identify the underlying cause of your issues. We work together with you to find the best treatment from our array of services.
CloseThe Lotus Healing Centre
Health & Medical Specialists in Australia. The Lotus Healing Centre opened for business in Essendon in 2000, making it one of the longest standing healing centres in Melbourne.
CloseOsteopath - Daniel Wood
Health & Medical Specialists in Australia. With over a decade of clinical experience and a large range of tailored treatment options, come in and find out how we can help you better manage or relieve your symptoms. Our clinic provides an optimum environment for your injury recovery.