Specialist Medical Services In Victoria

CloseAddiction Solutions Victoria Inc.
Specialist Medical Services in Australia. Addiction Solutions Victoria Inc was founded in 2015 with a vision of many people's knowledge and lived experience that long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction was achievable.
CloseSpecialist Vein Care
Specialist Medical Services in Australia. We are Melbourne’s leading non-surgical varicose vein and spider vein removal clinic. We use state of the art techniques to diagnose and treat varicose and spider vein disease.
ClosePlatinum Cosmetics
Specialist Medical Services in Australia. Platinum Cosmetics is the collaboration of 20 years of experience in aesthetic medicine and 40 years of nursing experience. It seemed fitting to create Platinum back in Port Melbourne where it all began in the exact same location 10 years ago for one of us. With years of injecting thousands of clients throughout Victoria and South Australia, we decided to bring our skills together, along with other highly experienced team members, to give our clients a new clinic to come home to.