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Australian business directory sites list 2020How many Australian business directories online is your website listed in?

Directory listings may not be the first thing you think about when you’re setting up or revamping your website, but they’re worth looking into.

2 ways listing in Australian business directories helps your websiteThere are two advantages to listing.

If you’re listed in a directory that people are using, you stand a chance of getting some business. Or at least some leads and enquiries.Listing in directories helps improve your SEO.You get more links into your site. Google – and the other search engines – assess your site as more authoritative, more trusted, and more respected.Make sure you’re in the right business directoriesIt makes sense to start with the directories which are most likely to drive traffic, enquiries and business.There are relatively few of those, and they’re likely to be different for each business. There are some tips in the section below to help you find the ones for you.

What about listing in business directories to improve your SEO?This is more complicated. How do you know which sites will add the most value? The registration process is usually manual and time-consuming, so you need to be sure it’s worthwhile.

Top Australian Business Directories for SEO, February 2020The top 20 Australian business directories are listed below.


Just in case you’re not sure what those column headings mean:

Moz Domain Authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. It includes factors such as the number of links to your site; the number of domains linking to your site, how trustworthy your site seems and so on. More details here.Alexa is a company owned by Amazon which provides web analytics. It collects traffic data from a panel of a few million users worldwide, then calculates a rank based on total traffic plus total pageviews. More details here.Ahrefs also provides web analytics. It is generally considered to have the largest backlink database available. (Backlinks are links from other sites to your) The Ahrefs rank is based on number and quality of backlinks. More details here.

The Ahrefs explanation is simple and good: ‘if Alexa Rankshows you how much traffic a given website has relative to other websites in the world, Ahrefs Rank shows you how good its backlink profile is relative to other sites‘.Targeted business directories for leadsTargeted online business directories, aligned to your business, are more likely to generate leads. Even if they don’t rank so highly for SEO, every little helps. Some options to consider:

That’s impressive for such a local site! There are many other such local directories, so try to find the ones for you.How to find smaller, targeted directories.

A simple way to do this is to use Google.

Be sure to check out every directory you find and assess its value before listing!

Which directories to list in and how to do itJust about everyone should list on YellowPages, TrueLocal and Yelp. Womo, StartLocal and HotFrog are the second stage, but still almost universal.

After that, things get a little more complicated. There are probably directories you haven’t heard of on this list. Make sure you check them out before you submit your company.

You want a good fit. If a directory doesn’t have any entries in your industry sector, it’s probably not going to have many searches either.Check whether there are upfront or ongoing costs. ShopSeek charge you for a listing. Quotation sites often charge per quotation. Many directories offer a basic free listing plus fancier paid options. Paid options may help you get business leads as well as SEO benefit. Only you can decide.There’s no need to list on every single directory. Remember that directories are only one part of your off-page SEO. You may want to invest some time in other kinds of links to your site as well. (Comment on forums or on relevant blog posts. Write guest posts. Give testimonials to suppliers as long as they link to your site.) This will help keep your link profile balanced.

Preparing your submissionsAs mentioned before, the directory submission process is very manual. Every directory has a slightly different process, but they’re collecting a lot of the same information, so it is possible to prepare. Here’s a checklist of what to do before you start submitting your business into relevant Australian business directories.Decide on the exact name you will use. (Do you need the ‘Pty Ltd’?)Be sure you have consistent contact details. Consistent NAP (name, address, phone) informationseems to lead to higher Google rankings. Phone number is usually easy. What about web address? Will you include a ‘www.’ or not? And for street addresses, decide whether you want to include a suite number, floor number etc.

If you don’t have a tag line, prepare one in advance.Have your logo file ready to upload. Jpeg is the commonest format. You may need a couple of different sizes. You may also want a square version and a rectangular version.

If it’s appropriate for your business, have some images you can upload to show what you do.Have your ABN handy.

Consider setting up a different email address to use for all the submissions. You will get confirmation emails where you have to verify yourself. If they’re all on a separate email address, it won’t clutter up your inbox for your day-to-day work. After all, does it really matter if the listings take a day or two longer?

Be aware you may also get sales calls from directories who want you to upgrade to a paid listing.

So that’s the scoop on the top Australian business directories. Now it’s up to you to put this research to use for your site and your business.

..or if it’s all too hard and you simply don’t have the time, you could always ask us to do it for you!

[Note, this is an updated version of our original post on Australian business directories which was published in 2016.]

People are constantly searching Google for local businesses. There are a number of local SEO strategies to drive more targeted visitors to your website. All are important, but one of the biggest local search boosts comes from Australian business directory listings.

Listing your business on local directories is just as important in 2018 as it was in years gone by. But don’t take my word for it. According to the experts, having consistent NAP details (Name, Address, Phone) on the best business directories is a critical local ranking factor.

Don’t do directory listings or Local SEO without a physical address. It really puts you at a disadvantage. Why? Local listings play an important role in making your business more visible in local search, and an address is required to get quality local listings.

Australian business directories are not just for boosting local rankings, they can also provide referral traffic from people clicking through from your listing.

So time to start finding Australian directories and submitting your business right? You’re in the right place. We’ve put together the go to list of directories for Australian businesses. But before you start submitting your business there’s a couple of things to get organised.

Why Let Your Competitors Get All The Action!Local SEO packages backed by over 10 years experience

How Do I Find The Best Australia Business Directories?You’ll come across directory lists or submission services offering 50, 100 or even 250 Australian business directory websites. The best they will do is waste your time or worse, damage your Google ranking. Here’s why.

They are often scraped from old outdated listsThey contain directories requiring payment, or a reciprocal linkThey haven’t actually been tested so many directories have broken forms or are abandonedThe websites have no traffic or value, some are even de-indexed by GoogleFirst published in 2014, our best directory list is now updated for 2018. We started with a big net, searching for the top 100 results in Google for approximately 20 industry terms. This gave us almost 300 directories. After weeding out all the Australian business directories that failed the tests above we took one more step to ensure the remaining websites had real traffic value.

Back in 2014 we used “Alexa Ranking” which was the best measure of local Australian website traffic. Fast forward to 2018 and there’s much better data available. SEO tools, in particular ahrefs.com allows us to estimate the actual volume of search traffic for a website. In fact it also calculates the equivalent cost if you purchased the traffic through paid ads (Adwords), which is a basis of our ROI calculations for Local SEO packages.

The Top 25 Australian Business Directories (2018 Update)Here is our list of the best Australian directories for 2018 ranked by Google search traffic. All have been tested to ensure submissions are approved.


With this blog post outranking most Australian directories for related keywords (no doubt you found this post Googling “Australian business directories” or something similar) we threw our hat into the ring. After launching our own Australian business directory Search Frog in 2018, it’s quickly grown into a community of over 8,000 local businesses. Search Frog features integrated Google review ratings, manually reviewed spam free listings and a whopping 230+ article blog attracting customers early in the buying cycle.

Website and phone number clicks are tracking in the dashboard for easy reference. Search Frog ad campaigns get your business listing featured at the top of your category and start from just $1 a day with no contracts or subscriptions.

About The Top 3 Local DirectoriesAll of the top three local Australian directories have mobile apps and loads of crowdsourced customer reviews. With a combined 12.5M monthly visitors from search traffic alone (a conservative estimate) they are an important place to list your business online to enhance your reputation.

Yellow Pages Directoryyellow pages directoryThe Yellow Pages starting over 40 years ago in Australia with the annual print edition with the characteristic yellow coloured page. The world’s first Yellow Pages online local directory was launched in 1994.Today, there are more than 9 million searches per month on the Yellow Pages website. The Yellow Pages directory is owned by Sensis who also run other top directories in Australia such as True Local.Yellow Pages paid directory listings start from $30 up to $217. The higher packages include more keywords and listing features.

TrueLocal DirectoryOnline since 2006, Truelocal was sold to Sensis by News Limited in 2013. TrueLocal attracts a significant number of customer reviews making it an important listing for businesses. It also has a mobile app in addition to the online directory website.TrueLocal premium directory listings start from $33 for a higher search ranking and enhanced listing features.

Yelp Australia DirectoryThe Yelp directory, a global player, was founded by two former PayPal employees in 2004. The Australia Yelp directory is a serious player, particularly in the restaurant and retail industries.Believe it or not, Yelp recommends you don’t ask customers for reviews. Yelps paid advertising has a pay per click model bidding for ad placements in local searches.

How To List Your Business On Local DirectoriesPrepare your business listing information.Directory submissions involve entering the same information repeatedly so it’s best to be prepared to avoid wasting a lot of time. Gather the following information into one document:2-3 Business listing titlesSubmission email addressBusiness contact email addressBusiness phone numberSocial media links2-3 unique business descriptions (Typically 200 words max)Square logo image (300px is best viewed on most websites)5 business related imagesBusiness ABNHaving this data on hand to copy information will make the process much faster.

Directory Submission ToolsAutomatically submitting business listings is a nice idea but doesn’t work well in practice. Different directories are built on different platforms and have unique fields and customisation. Some even have hidden fields to trick these submission tools. This means the listings either fail or have missing or incorrect information.

A semi-automatic approach is best. For DIY, use your browsers auto complete function to assist with form completion, and then manually review the fields.

Directory Submission TipsHere’s a few bonus tips for getting the most from your Australian directory submissions.

Search each directory for the business name and phone number to ensure no duplicate listings are created.Use consistent login details for easy followup.Make listings as complete as possible to maximise value.Vary titles and descriptions to create a unique listing.Use a dedicated email to separate confirmation & marketing emails from personal email.Expect a few phone calls from directories upselling premium listings.Check for confirmation emails immediately and after 5 days.Lastly don’t forget to ask your clients for a review of your product or service on the directories to boost your profile, referral traffic and backlink value! If you find more Australian business directories that pass the tests above let me know in the comments.

One of the most under-valued tasks for any business is creating and maintaining an online presence via business directories.

Your presence in the top online directories will help you to attract new customers, both directly and indirectly as an influential SEO ranking factor.

But, the first step is identifying the appropriate directories. They need to have the authority and have the real potential to send you new customers.

Want to know the best part?

I’ve done a big part of the leg-work for you. I’ve compiled a list of the best business directories in Australia along with direct links to pages so submitting your business is that little bit easier.

Note: The following list is for Australian business directories. If that’s not what you’re looking for, check out our:Top U.S. Business Directories Top U.K. Business Directories.

Of the top 20, there are 17 free local directories and three paid.

Each local directory has been chosen due to their Domain Authority score. Despite constant requests to have other directories featured, this list will remain curated by the top DA scores so you know you can trust them. It is also audited every three months to ensure we maintain the best list for you.

Other notable features that we’ve chosen to provide include estimated monthly traffic and what percentage of this estimated traffic is from Australia (sourced from SimilarWeb).

Google has been using this as a ranking factor (who knows how much of a factor) since 2014 and has been steadily increasing their warnings.

Moz reported in April that 50% of page one Google results were https and projected it may be as much as 65% by the end of 2018. So it might be worth taking this into account when deciding what directories you want to use.

Further reading: OnQ Marketing analysed 150 Australian businesses ranking in Google’s local pack. Find out what factors appear to be driving their performance.

What Is Domain Authority?DA is a metric developed by Moz, so let’s leave an explanation to them:

“Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score …. that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A Domain Authority score ranges from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.”

Are listings on business directories still important?How much effort or time should you invest in listing your business on the top business directories?

Whitespark announced the results of its Local Search Ranking Factors survey 2020 recently and the findings suggest the influence of such citations are not as important as they once were. They have slipped to the equal-sixth factor, while Google My Business and online reviews were considered first and second.

Tips For Listing In Local Business DirectoriesSelect the most appropriate category. Take into account what your competitors have.

Complete as much of your business listing as possible. This includes great photos.

Ensure your Name, Address and Phone (NAP) matches that on your website and Google My Business listing.

If you have more than one location then link to the relevant location page on your website, ie /Melbourne/.

Write a unique business description – Don’t copy + paste from your website.Use a spreadsheet to keep your activity organised (as well as your log-ins).Is your business a startup? The team at AeroLeads has published a list of 100 Startup Directories to Submit Your Business

The 20 Best Australian Business DirectoriesBased on Moz’s Domain Authority metric, below is the list of Australia’s Top Online Directories.

1. True Localwww.truelocal.com.au

2. Infobel Australiawww.infobel.com/en/australia

3. Yelpwww.yelp.com.au

4. Sensis (Yellow Pages)www.sensis.com.au

5. Hotfrogwww.hotfrog.com.au

6. ShowMeLocal Australiaau.showmelocal.com

7. Flying Solowww.flyingsolo.com.au

8. Start Localwww.startlocal.com.au

9. 2Find Localwww.2findlocal.com

10. Enroll Business AUau.enrollbusiness.com

11. Localsearchwww.localsearch.com.au

12. BusinessListingswww.businesslistings.net.au

13. LocalBDwww.localbd.com.au

14. dLookwww.dlook.com.au

15. WOMOwww.womo.com.au

16. Tuugowww.tuugo.biz

17. BusinessSeek.bizwww.businessseek.biz

18. NationalDirectorynationaldirectory.com.au

19. AussieWebwww.aussieweb.com.au

20. Search Frogsearchfrog.com.au