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We take kids who feel stuck, disillusioned, inadequate, demotivated and pessimistic, and we start by rebuilding their faith in themselves and their own belief that they really can improve. We work on the basics of English and Maths and whatever else your child is struggling with. We give your child a solid foundation that they've probably been wishing they had for years. 

Then, suddenly, school doesn't feel as difficult and the content that school-teachers are throwing at your child suddenly feels achievable instead of intimidating. Sometimes it takes 2 years for kids to start believing in themselves and to get great results. Other times, kids can really surprise their parents by improving in just a few months. It's so exciting! 

Let me tell you why what we do works so consistently well. We work with kids in pairs because that way your child doesn't suffer the sense of pressure that is so common with 1:1 tutoring. Working along-side a buddy turns what would be an intimidating experience into one where they can enjoy their tutoring and feel relaxed enough to learn well.

 We don't have some pre-set program, because your child is unique and we are all about unique solutions for unique kids. You see, we create a plan that is exactly what your child needs. Until we meet I don't know what that will be, but how exciting it will be to create that plan together!

Our venues are in Sydney and Canberra

Canberra: Gungahlin, Kaleen, Dickson, Woden, Tuggeranong, Erindale, Calwell 

Sydney: Stanmore, Ashfield, Parramatta

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Where Students From K-12 Learn To Love Learning

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Her report came on Monday and there were no D’s like on Semester 1’s report!! Her grades were B for Science, and C’s for the rest including English and Maths which we think is outstanding considering the amount of school she missed. - Review Posted By Sharon On Friday, Oct 12, 2018.

Review Verified Friday, Oct 12, 2018


Coming from a former D student, this result is amazing – Leah has just received an “A” in her latest Maths assignment. One of the highest grades in her class. Leah is very happy and proud of this achievement. The marked increase in Leah’s confidence, efforts and skills can largely be attributed to the assistance provided by her amazing Big Improvements tutors. - Review Posted By Penelope On Friday, Oct 12, 2018.

Review Verified Friday, Oct 12, 2018