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Osteopath / Chiropractor qualified and experienced expert care Professional help over 20 years experience offering a personalised caring service

We view the person as whole, and use hands on treatment to aid the bodys function and help a person return to a state of balance. Our purpose is to help the body to express optimal health by restoring movement, balance and allowing full expression of the life force by removing interference to the nervous system. The power that created the body (innate intelligence) will heal the body as long as there is no interference in the nervous system to allow that healing to happen. Our treatment activates healing mechanisms for better health and well being. We do not focus solely on alleviating symptoms, but always seek to find and treat the cause.

We have vast experience in back pain, headaches, sporting and overuse injuries. However, our scope of practice is not limited to these. We treat patients suffering from a range of problems with positive clinical results. These have included but are not limited to: migraines, shoulder, elbow and wrist pain, sinus troubles, period pain, fertility issues, digestive disturbances, chronic fatigue, dizziness, asthma, and difficulties following a wide range of personal injuries. We also treat infants with our most gentle form of cranio-sacral treatment - helping reduce the effects of birthing trauma, colic, reflux, recurrent ear infections and who suffer from poor health or learning difficulties. You don't need to be in pain right now to see us, many people choose to schedule regular maintenance treatment for optimal health and to assist performance on all levels.

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