AKA Plus Plumbing & Electrical

Electricians In Brunswick , Victoria

Our electricians are all Registered Electrical Contractors. In our organisation, non-registered electricians would not be considered when it comes to the safety of dealing with electrical equipment/parts etc.

We are a family business, we understand the need to be fair with our pricing. If you have an electrical problem, no matter how small or large that problem is, feel free to contact us, remember there is no cost for just contacting us. Large scale or small projects, we have the experience and the capacity to complete your requirement.

Our services are many, here are just a few:

* General Maintenance
* Lighting Installation/Replacements
* New Power Points
* New Cabling
* Switchboard Upgrades
* Data & Communications
* Advice On Best Methods
* Garage Shed/Power installation
* Extensions Requiring Power
* Occupational Health & Safety Testing
* Electrical Product Repairs
* Mains Upgrades

We offer you peace of mind, knowing you are dealing with experienced qualified electricians. Once you have used our services, noted our reliability and work ethics, we are sure you will use us again.

If you require a job which involves both Plumbing and Electrical, we have the perfect solution having the one company carry out the task.

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