Ball Vicki Acupuncture

Acupuncturists In Buddina , Queensland

Acupuncture has been used as a safe and effective treatment
method for thousands of years. In modern times, acupuncture continues to treat a wide number of health issues and is becoming more and more of an evidence-based medicine.
Acupuncture works on regulating the physiological processes of the body to ensure proper
functioning. Our bodies are remarkable machines, much more so than we may give credit to. Our bodies are intrinsically programmed to maintainan equilibrium within all cells and structures in our body. Through lifestyle choices and environmental factors, our inner environment can become overloaded, and thus not allowing thebody to heal itself effectively. Sluggish elimination, poor circulation and stress are just some of the factors that diminish the bodies healing capabilities.
Through the stimulation of a formulation of specific points on the body,
acupuncture can have a remarkable effect on remedying these issues and thus allowing the body to return to its pre-programmed healthful state

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