Accurate Systems

Business Services In Currajong , Queensland

Accurate Systems have a solid knowledge of this industry which is based on customer/client focus, forward thinking whilst adopting a pro-active rather than a re-active scope to their systems.

Accurate Systems has, over the years , displayed this pro-activity by initially adopting an apprenticeship training program.

Accurate Systems then Keeps thir team up to date with all the changes in product, software, point of sale and weighbridge technologies. Accurate Systems will move ever forward and continue to provide quality and service to all individuals, businesses and companies.

Follow the lead set by organizations of the calibre of Sucrogen, BHP, Xstrata, Bulk Sugar Terminals, NQX, IGA, QLD Nickel, Sun Metals and of course, even our local and regional councils insist on using Accurate Systems to service all their weighing requirements.

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