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Dowsing Group: Building Roads with Passion and Integrity.

The Dowsing Group story begins in 1985, not in a corporate boardroom, but on the footpaths of Perth, Western Australia. Carl Dowsing, a skilled and dedicated concreter, saw a need for quality hardscaping services. With unwavering commitment and a touch of courage, he launched Dowsing Concrete. Carl took immense pride in his work, knowing it would serve the community for years to come.

His unwavering dedication to quality and his hands-on approach became the cornerstones of the Dowsing brand. Over the years, Carl and his wife Jacinta nurtured the company, transforming it from a footpath contracting business into a multi-disciplinary leader in road infrastructure. Fueled by vision, hard work, and determination, they paved the way for the next generation to build on their legacy.

Today, Dowsing Group remains a proudly Australian family-owned business. With their sons now playing key roles, the company continues to be guided by the same core values: courage, authenticity, and a commitment to being a reliable and practical partner for their clients.

Beyond the Work: A Culture of Integrity and Collaboration

Dowsing Group sets itself apart by prioritizing its clients' needs. Their unwavering focus on high-quality workmanship, safety, and positive outcomes has earned them a reputation for excellence. Their skilled team is the backbone of this success -  individuals with the right skills, supported by well-defined systems, ensuring efficient project delivery.

The Dowsing culture is built on the foundational values established by Carl and Jacinta. Their emphasis on a "people-centric" approach translates into a collaborative spirit that drives problem-solving, always prioritizing safety and flexibility. The core values instilled from the beginning - hard work, courage, and humility - continue to guide the company, fostering a work environment where team members are empowered to take ownership, embrace change, and support one another.

A Passion for Infrastructure - A Dedication to People

At Dowsing Group, a deep sense of passion permeates everything they do. They care about the quality of their work, the impact it has on the infrastructure they build, and the positive outcomes they deliver for their clients. This passion extends to their team, where they believe in celebrating successes and fostering a culture of respect for different perspectives.

  • Dowsing Group - Construction Services In Maddington
  • Dowsing Group - Construction Services In Maddington
  • Dowsing Group - Construction Services In Maddington

Civil Subcontractor for Road Infrastructure in Perth

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