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Chemical Manufacturers In Dubbo , New South Wales

To improve the image of our customer's businesses through the convenient provision of effective cleaning chemicals.

Clean up your image with the right chemistry
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. You know the adage and it's true. In fact, the competitive advantage your business has over its competitors could very easily boil down to who has the cleanest enterprise. We understand this, and for us improving your businesses' image is of the highest priority. Our task is to enable you to effectively clean your organisation with the right chemicals, obtaining quality results, and doing it safely and effectively.

Chemicals for cleaning, maintenance and sanitizing
Like a good tool or machine, cleaning chemicals will greatly assist you when you need to complete a cleaning task. The appropriately selected product, that is used correctly, will enable you to get better results in less time.

We proudly supply cleaning solutions for the following industries:

Food Service
Contract Cleaning
Health Care Institutions
Food Manufacture
Manufacturing and Mining

Our product range is extensive
We manufacture wholesale and retail over 250 different product lines of industrial cleaning chemical concentrates. We have, and continue to use, the latest technology and science to build a complete and integrated range of Australian made chemicals.

Our extensive range includes:

Disinfectants And De-Odourisers
Automotive Cleanser, Degreasers & Reconditioning
General Housekeeping
Floor Cleaners And Maintenance
Kitchen Cleaners
Laundry Detergents
Personal Care
Industrial Cleaners

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