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About Us

Duplex Cleaning Machines is Australia's premier supplier and distributor of the Italian-made versatile floor scrubbers, carpet cleaners, compact and portable steam generators, commercial steam vacuum cleaners, industrial steam cleaning machinery as well as specialised machines for niche market and specialised cleaning such as wine barrel cleaning, car steam cleaning, outbreak infection control and surface disinfection technologies.

In addition, Duplex Cleaning Machines also assists with the disinfection equipment for sanitising high touch surfaces and air in the effort to eliminate outbreaks and reduce likelihood of germs harbouring on surfaces or airborne bacteria in the air.

Our sales agents are available in all major cities across all states in Australia. 

Here are few solutions that we offer to help disinfect public and commercial spaces:

  •  Thermal sanitation on highly touched surfaces and air ensures the destruction of superbugs, viruses and bacterias using steam vapour machine or Duplex steam floor cleaner.                        
    • Removing stubborn carpet stains                
    • Eliminating hazards especially in slippery tiles and greasy floors
    • Removing mould in grouts                               
    • Upholstery and mattress cleaning                
    • Escalator cleaning                
    • Kitchen disinfection                
    • Bathroom disinfection                
    • Corridors and public area cleaning
  • Mobile UV disinfection and sanitiation - using UV lights to regularly sanitise and disinfect surfaces and air. UV light kills coronavirus, bacteria, superbugs and other viruses that often lingers on high touch surfaces.
  • Robot UV disinfection -  UV disinfection system with Artificial Intelligence features to enable a faster, more efficient disinfection automation on surfaces and air.        
For more than 30 years, we assisted commercial spaces, contract cleaners and public venues to our latest cleaning technologies. Our machines are designed to help you save money, time, and most importantly, the environment.    

Would you like to see an on-site demonstration of our equipment?     

If you require assistance with your cleaning system or have an enquiry about our products, please reply to this email, schedule a call or call us at 1800 622 770.    

  • Duplex Cleaning Machines - Equipment Hire In Northcote
  • Duplex Cleaning Machines - Equipment Hire In Northcote
  • Duplex Cleaning Machines - Equipment Hire In Northcote

Austarlia's Premier Commercial Cleaning Equipment and Versatile Floor Cleaner Supplier

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Duplex Cleaning Machines

Duplex machinery has been so impressive. It has saved us money and time as it is a multifaceted, green cleaning system allowing for much versatility for different jobs. It has given much better results in mould elimination. - Review Posted By Vince On Monday, Aug 02, 2021.

Review Verified Monday, Aug 02, 2021

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