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My name is Anniina. I’m your online trainer.

I’m very pleased to meet you and I can’t wait to start helping you get some great training results with your dog!

I have been around dogs my whole life. I grew up in the countryside in Finland where dogs weren’t trained unless they were working dogs. And if they were working dogs, like most of my family’s hunting dogs, they existed for that purpose only. Hunting dogs weren’t allowed to enter the house and they certainly weren’t cuddled and played with. They stayed outside waiting to go hunting again. And the other ‘pet’ dogs were let outside to roam free.

There were very few behavioural issues with any of these dogs. I recall having to be careful with food around working dogs, because they could fight over it. But then again, we didn’t spend that much time with them either. I do know they fought sometimes based on some of the injuries I saw. So, realistically, we didn’t know exactly what they did or how they behaved while we weren’t around.

Working as a dog trainer in a dog day care with over 200 dogs per week, has taught me a lot. Dogs seem to have their own personalities, preferences and likings. Even though certain breeds have similar qualities, I do strongly believe that just like us, dogs are largely shaped by the experiences they have in life. Especially the early, formative ones. And even more so they are affected by our behavior. They learn the things we teach them, whether we meant to teach those things or not. Dogs are very clever, ultimately they exhibit the behaviours that we accept from them.

I’m very pleased to meet you and I can’t wait to start helping you get some great training results with your dog!

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