Alain D Baillon Astrology, Spiritual & Genealogy In Edge Hill , Queensland

In 1986 my spirit called me to pursue a life as a professional Psychic reader. I believe I have something to share. Now based in Cairns, I read for numerous overseas clientele and regularly visit southern cities to further my experience in this - what I call my passion. It is through my Readings and Classes that I am most at Home.

Tarot Card Reading
Using my gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentient and clairaudient, I combine the ancient tools of the tarot cards to give me insights into your life in the areas of career, love, health, wealth, spiritual growth, family, and of course, relationships. In this type of reading I also combine cards of "jeu de la main" and the tarot. The wealth of wisdom these tools contain will amaze you and help you find your life to a much greater space of happiness, well being and prosperity.

A very powerful medium, also known as chiromancy, palmistry has been around for some 5000 years. Much change and development has taken place in this form of reading. I enter a deep place looking at long ago blocked past lives. Many a person has had huge revelations in these sessions as fears and concerns of this lifetime is revealed through understanding energy that has been suppressed from previous past life times. Palmistry unleashes you to let go the past and live life in the present. Health related issues are also strongly understood in this magical, nurturing style of reading that is celebrating a new popularity.

Reiki, Spiritual & Crystal healings
We all have the power and ability to draw on to universal energy to assist in our regenerating of self. My role in this process is to be a medium and channel to conduit energy from source to administer this to you. Recharging you clears away debris that disallows the psychical and mental body to enjoy the human experience. An hour of reiki, spiritual and crystal healing can zap more life in you and perk you up. Messages from your guides and spirit world can be passed on.

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