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UMAT Tutor helps students with the non verbal reasoning part of their UMAT exam which includes the question types: Continue The Series, Complete The Diagram and Middle of The Sequence.

UMAT Tutor offers two text books for UMAT students: 'umat456' with 456+ questions, arranged and paced like the real test, with a worked examples section, code-hints section, code-hinted tests and normal tests, all questions with full explanations not just answers; and 'umat123 a Visual Diary' with all the questions visually explained, mistakes and alternate trains of thought included, to guide students how to think UMAT-style, quickly. umat123 includes code-hints, rotation tables and utilises full colour to highlight the elements students need to be following.

UMAT Tutor also offers 1 on 1 tutorial sessions, personalised to suit the student's individual requirements, are based on the student's level of understanding & acquired UMAT knowledge, no matter how minimal, and are conducted face to face in Melbourne or via Skype for interstate and international students. Email and questions you are having problems with so I can prepare: screenshots, .jpg, .pdf etc

Whether you are new to UMAT, currently undergoing prep or a prior student, umatTutor can help you pass the UMAT.
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