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About Us

Here you’ll discover Australia’s leading range of wholesale sofas, lounges and other furniture, and styles in a range of sizes for your resort, hotel or motel, furniture retail store, office fit out or other purpose, because at Cacoz Furniture “Excellent Prices Meet High Quality.”

The Cacoz Furniture differences

You see, during furniture manufacture each and every item we sell and produce is quality tested.We pride ourselves on our high standards, ensuring we deliver quality wholesale lazy chairs, lounges, bar chairs and stools, sofa beds, coffee tables and every furnishing imaginable, which is also great value for money. As part of our high standards of excellence and value for money, you also receive a 2- year warranty as standard with your furniture purchase, not the 12-month warranty which is the industry standard.

Retailers love our service and furniture for quite a few reasons, such as:

They can have their logo and brand put on their furniture packing if they wishThey can place custom orders where they can mix and match various pieces of furniture in the one order, which saves them time and moneyThey can choose from an extensive range of designs, and a variety of different fabrics and colours, so their order is as unique as they or their customers are.They pick the design, the fabric and colours, and we organise everything for themAll the materials we use are environmentally friendly; we have an excellent range of industrial grade PU available in both matte and gloss finishes, so there really is a style, size and range for everyone’s taste

Resorts and hospitality services, office fit out companies and developers also love us because:

They can have their order delivered anywhere in Australia to one or more locationsThey can use colour swatches for material to be used in their hotel, resort or similar business which has proved really useful when they are looking to fit out their hotel with new furniture or refurbishment an existing hotel or resortAnd that Cacoz Furniture can customise and build any furniture they need to suit their resort or hotel

Whether you’re a Furniture Retailer or Rental Company, Resort, Hotel, Motel or Developer or similar business, what everyone loves is…

The wholesale pricingThe elite quality range, styles and sizes of wholesale sofas, chairs and accessoriesOur gold star 2-year warrantyThe professional on-time and on budget personalised serviceCacoz Furniture’s customised furniture making and mixed order servicesAnd that we’re the package deal and wholesale furniture specialists

As one of the Australia’s elite big brand sofa suppliers, Cacoz Furniture is a one stop furniture wholesaler for furniture retailers, resorts, office fit out services, hotels and similar services, serving them with product design & development, production planning, management, quality control and export to shipping.

Cacoz Furniture is a new brand in Australia, however, has markets in 30 countries including the U.S., France, Korea, England, Canada, France, UK, Israel and Bulgaria.

Cacoz is an advanced furniture manufacturer which makes and designs their own products and furniture and has a factory owned by its sister company, which consists of three workshops with production areas totaling 35,000 m2 and 300 employees and include skilled workers, technicians and experienced engineers.

We are not a small factory, and contract manufacturing is available on request.


Discover the Cacoz Furniture Differences For Yourself Today, FREE!

When it comes to the furniture and décor of your resort or development, and what type of furniture you sell in your retail business or similar enterprise, we know furniture trends, customers’ needs and styles are always shifting.

This is why we you can grab a free copy of our complimentary price guide so you can view the latest ranges and styles of our wholesale furniture, find out more about us and the people and businesses we serve. So please register for your complimentary guide today!

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