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Affordable Solar Tasmania is a family owned and operated business. Our goal is to save you money and to lower your carbon foot print. We only quote after an on site visit to your home or business by one of our accredited solar designers which is the only way to guarantee that your system will work efficiently. Too many systems are installed that just can't work efficiently.

All of our products meet Australian standards and are listed on the Clean Energy Council's website making them eligible for government rebates. Both our Edson Solar Hot Water and Sanden Heat Pump Hot Water Systems qualify for a high amount of STC's (rebate) because they are extremely efficient.

Affordable Solar Tasmania utilises the latest technology to ensure the maximum performance for your solar power and solar hot water system. Using the Solmetric SunEye we are able to calculate shade losses which impact on the yields of a system & the return on your investment. After a free on-site visit, we can propose a system for you that takes shading and other environmental factors into account, which can't be determined from just satellite imagery.

Our solar power systems can be tailored to suit your roof space, budget or electricity requirements. We've eliminated delays with all of the stock components of our solar power systems which are available now from our Glenorchy warehouse. We can have you saving money and lower your carbon footprint with your new solar installation in weeks not months!

Having a range of hot water systems ensures that we can offer a system that will suit your home. Sometimes a solar hot water system can't work e.g. the distance from the tank may be too far from the evacuated tubes. In this instance we would offer the Sanden or the Atlantic Heat Pump Hot Water System.

We have the right product to suit your needs.

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