Advanced Modular Retaining

Cement, Lime, Plaster & Concrete Manufacturers In Landsdale , Western Australia

Advanced Modular Retaining is a professional, reliable and competitively priced family-owned and run business.
Founder Kim McMahon, first began installing retaining walls over 26 years ago. In 1993, he began to manufacture his own products. By combining the best features of existing products and using only the highest quality materials, he designed a new and lighter, yet stronger product. Panels and posts manufactured by Advanced Modular Retaining are better value for money and built to last, containing the thickest and strongest steel reinforcing in the industry.

Whether you have soil erosion issues or specific landscaping needs, Advanced Modular Retaining is the number one preference in the delivery of excellent retaining wall products and welcoming, friendly personal customer service. The leaders of precast concrete, panel and post retaining products, have a solid reputation that has been built by providing cost effective and competitively priced retaining solutions, and can ensure any and all work with their clients every step of the way is of the highest standard in every aspect of the operation.

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