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We at MJ DRIVER LASER are Highly Accredited and Trained clinicians using the worlds most advanced (Cynosure) medical laser equipment targeting most colours. We offer honest, realistic advice as all of our friendly clinicians have undergone laser treatment and can understand your predicament and relate to your needs. All locations boast the gold standard in laser equipment ensuring REAL results with the least amount of discomfort whether it be removing an old tattoo completely or lightening a tattoo in order to get the best results for a cover up. All together bringing you the best service and results at a fair price.

Results that speak for themselves with 6 locations Australia wide - Contact us today for your FREE CONSULTATION / QUOTE.

We use Koolio and Cryojet cooling machines to help minimise discomfort during and after the treatment process.

Certified Laser Clinician

BRISBANE - Westside Tattoo (38440711)
GOLD COAST - Flagship Location 52A Peerless Avenue Mermaid Beach 0428384461
SYDNEY - Hunter & Fox Tattoo (93412527)
MELBOURNE - Chapel Tattoo (95211202)
ADELAIDE - Progression Tattoo (82719000)

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Review Posted By Celeste Fox

Celeste Fox's Negative Review & Scam Ripoff Complaint About MJ Driver Laser Tattoo Removal & Lightening - GOLD COAST Posted Monday, Oct 30, 2017 Amy was nice and seemed to be very knowledgeable, I did a test patch on my skin just in case, she did a test patch on a very low setting, I had to issues after several weeks and so decided to go ahead, after one session she had burnt me, received heavy scabs and when they peeled I had massive de-pigmentation, she advised me the colour would come back and to go into the sun which most other technicians advise against. 18 months later the pigment still has not returned and I am still receiving treatment for scarring. They worst is I did 3 tattoos so have this problem on my ankle thigh as abdomen. They told me they put a claim in with there insurance and that would resolve the issue, when i asked for the paper work they cut all communication. I am now seeking help from fair trading :(....MJ Driver Laser Tattoo Removal & Lightening - GOLD COAST review written by Celeste Fox on Monday, Oct 30, 2017