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About Us

Cabled Up telecommunications technicians cover the entire Sydney metropolitan area for a wide range of domestic and commercial cabling and technical solutions. 

Internal Fault Repairs - phones, ADSL internet, cat 5/6 network cabling issuesCabling Installations - phone lines, data cables, structured cablingPSTN Carrier Network Testing - using specialised equipment, we can test for background noise and other faults (including TDR) 

Cabled Up Pty Ltd Audios

MDF Jumpering (AUD $99.00)
MDF Jumpering serviceConnect your ADSL / ADSL2+ internetA to B connections20 minutes in and out, you'll be connected!please ensure you have:keys to your MDF (ask your building manager or a member of the Strata executive commitee)"pair details" from your ISP (such as TPG, Telstra, Optus, Internode, iiNet, etc.)via pre-paid online bookings only, through our website:

ADSL2+ Internet Faults (AUD $165.00)
Slow ADSL internet? Experiencing drop outs? Losing sync on your modem?Cabled Up comes to you, and can perform a range of tests on your internal cabling AND on the carrier network (which is the Telstra cable that comes into your premises; we can test from your premises back towards the exchange to look for faults).Please see our website for details, terms and conditions: CabledUp.comNote, we can not give any quotes for fault finding. The scope is unknown so we charge a call-out...