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Chazelles Fireplaces, also known as Chazelles Cheminee, has been designing and manufacturing traditional wood-burning fireplaces and gas-powered fireplaces for over 50 years. Distributed in more than 38 countries, we are one of Europe’s most popular choice for high tech fireplaces built up a network of distributors and showrooms in every state. 

Our Services Description:

- Modern Wood Fireplaces: We have an extensive range of advanced engineered technology to create wood-burning fireplaces for architects and owners of new or existing homes. Our fireplaces will suit many interior styles including modern, country, and classic. 

- Gas Fireplaces: New to the Chazelles range of gas fireplaces is the Escea Gas Fireplace Collection. It combines cutting edge contemporary designs, high energy efficiency, and innovative technology. These gas fireplaces can be installed just about anywhere. 

- Electric Fireplaces: Those who love the look and ambiance of a fire without maintenance, an electric fireplace could be the solution for you. Installation is easy, and its safe touch. Ambe's range of electric fireplaces is sleek, modern, and functional. 

- Outdoor Fireplaces: Chazelles Fireplaces offers two outdoor fireplace types: with/without renovation and flue systems. The flue is also known as a chimney for ducting excess smoke outside and away from the outdoor living area. Our contemporary outdoor fireplaces provide quick convenient heat at the touch of a button. 

-Double-Sided Fireplaces: The double-sided, wood-burning fireplace designed by Chazelles allows you to extend the enjoyment of a wooden log fire in more than one living room or space in the home. Designed with installation and flexibility in mind, the DF1200 + CDF800L or CDF800R fireplace is ideal for large areas. 

-Freestanding Fireplaces: A freestanding fireplace in Sydney does not require as much in the way of installation when compared to an inbuilt design. Chazelles Fireplaces currently have three freestanding designs on display in the showroom located in Sydney. 

-Hot Air Ducting System for Fireplaces

The Chazelles Hot Air Ducting System captures radiant heat generated by your wood fireplace and gas fireplace. Then distributes the warmth to different rooms within your home.

Advantages of the system include:

• Reduced home heating costs.

• More homogeneous distribution of heat throughout the whole house.

• Optimized output efficiency of the fireplace.

• Reduced temperature difference between floor and ceiling.

We take the greatest care with the quality of the materials selected for the manufacturing of our products. This ensures the highest output of our fireplace’s heating and energy efficiency. Our company designs and manufactures advanced engineered wood fireplaces for homes. These come with the unique Chazelles lift door opening system. Choose Chazelles for modern fireplace designs in Sydney. We can deliver all of your fireplace wishes, from modern wood, Frameless Gas or electric heaters to suit your project for your indoor or outdoor space.

  • Chazelles Fireplaces - Gas Supply In St Peters
  • Chazelles Fireplaces - Gas Supply In St Peters
  • Chazelles Fireplaces - Gas Supply In St Peters

Chazelles Fireplaces

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