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About Us

PROMOTECHNICS - character costumes, mascots, soft props and puppets - mascot cleaning services


Promotechnics are Australia and International #1 mascot and character costume company.

Promotechnics have the best cleaning and maintenance service to bring your existing suit back to its best.

Your mascot is your brand ambassador. Your promotional tool, your spokes-creature, your product, your brand. 

Why you need a mascot

Mascots enable your target audience to identify, remember, and understand your company and products. They build relationships and they amplify emotional connections. Wouldn’t your customers interact more positively with a personality rather than a faceless corporate brand?

Animals and Creatures

Soft and cuddly to touch, animals and creatures have a friendly, fun and playful tone. Children relate best to simple, identifiable characters, and regardless of age, most people find creatures pretty cute and endearing!

Shapes and Things

An oversized replica of your product will certainly ensure you stand out from the crowd! From sauce bottles to hands, from vegetables to water drops, we love the shape of things, and would be very happy to consult on yours.

People and Crusaders

Happy humans and Super hero’s - characters we all aspire to! Express your brands personality with human qualities that are ageless, engaging and ensure your brand always stay on message. 

Props, Clothing and Accessories

Need a prop for your mascot? Have a sponsor you need to promote? Celebrating Christmas and don’t know how to make that Santa hat stay put? We make removable clothing, accessories and props to fit any mascot. Branding is instant recognition for your company.

Get in touch for a quote.


We make tiny characters too! We love a little theatrics, so whether you need hand, rod or string puppets, a new set of clothing or advice on care backstage, Promotechnics have got you covered. 

Care and Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your character ensures its look and longevity. Our trained staff wash, dry, remove bacteria, hand detail and mend items damaged through general wear and tear. If you’ve noticed a repair requirement yourself, just get in touch.

Promotechnics– Tel: 0405099573

  • Promotechnics - Costumes & Formal Wear In Strathfield South
  • Promotechnics - Costumes & Formal Wear In Strathfield South
  • Promotechnics - Costumes & Formal Wear In Strathfield South

Character Costumes, Mascots and Cleaning Service

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