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All prices are listed and billed in Australian Dollars (AUD). In the event where your entire order is not in stock , we will not charge your credit or debit card. You will be notified by email or phone if your order is not in stock and given the option to either cancel your order or wait for your order to be shipped once stock arrives. If we do not have an item in stock , it generally takes one week to order in and dispatch.

AudioBuy Australia ship directly from the USA at the best delivered prices. We are entirely independent from other Australian importers and offer musicians worldwide a greater choice when shopping online for sound equipment , instruments and recording gear. We do not honour warranty , rebates , discounts or coupon codes for any products purchased from other dealers or third party distributors/importers. All products sold by AudioBuy Australia are shipped and sourced from Ebay authorised dealers and carry a minimum warranty period of one year.

If your purchased product requires repair or replacement under warranty please contact AudioBuy in all cases. 3rd party Australian importers and distributors may request payment for their labour so it is always best to contact AudioBuy for free warranty repair/replacement (minimum period of one year). AudioBuy International operate inside the following markets : Australia , Hong Kong , Canada , South Africa , The Netherlands , United Arab Emirates , Singapore and Sweden. display and authorise all prices and quotes in Australian Dollars (AUD). If you are ordering a product to an address located outside of Australia or require your order total in your local currency please visit the AudioBuy website for your region.

AudioBuy International do not provide any form of warranty service or support for products sold by other importers , retailers or distributors. 

General customer support , length of serviceable warranty , pricing and order history are all important factors to take into consideration before buying online. Please read our terms here before proceeding with your order. We do not currently offer phone support and have staff available Monday-Sunday to answer any questions with a fast response time during weekdays. Response times during the weekend may require 12-24 hours.

All items sold on the AudioBuy Australia website are covered under Australian consumer law. All items sold are returned or replaced if they arrive damaged or experience manufacturer defects during our 1 year warranty period. Shop online securely 24/7 and browse through our incredible selection. We stock everything from Guitars, Bass Guitars, Amplifiers, Keyboards, Drums and Percussion, DJ Gear, Live Sound, Recording and more always at the best price!

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Click here to view detailed billing , shipping and consumer information before purchasing. All prices are listed and billed in Australian Dollars (AUD). All online orders are confirmed in stock and ready to ship before billing charge your card or alternative funding source.

AudioBuy Australia offer the guaranteed best prices and free international shipping for Pro Sound and Musical Instruments. Shop online securely 24/7 and browse through our incredible selection. We stock everything from Guitars, Bass Guitars, Amplifiers, Keyboards, Drums and Percussion, DJ Gear, Live Sound, Recording and more always at the best price!

We accept Paypal and Skrill/Moneybookers. securely process all online payments at the best price through Paypal and Skill/Moneybookers. offer the guaranteed best prices and free international shipping for Pro Sound and Musical Instruments. Shop online securely 24/7 and browse through our incredible selection. We stock everything from Guitars, Bass Guitars, Amplifiers, Keyboards, Drums and Percussion, DJ Gear, Live Sound, Recording and more always at the best price! We accept Paypal and Skrill/Moneybookers. securely process all online payments at the best price through Paypal and Skill/Moneybookers. At this time we do not accept international money transfer , direct transfer , Western Union or cheque payment. If you see a lower price from a reputable company, please contact us and we will attempt to match or beat it! AudioBuy Australia adhere to Minimum Advertised Pricing but we are able to offer the best price for many products.

AudioBuy Offer Free International Shipping have experienced customer service standing by to help you with your choice. We also have online tools to help you find the perfect match for your existing gear where you can sort by price , date or use our search bar in the top right corner of the website. If you are looking for the finest guitars & amps anywhere in the world , has you covered with the best prices available. Now shipping internationally to Sydney , Melbourne , Brisbane , Perth , Adelaide and throughout Australia.

Initial problems now solved very well
Review Posted By Jazzdaz On Friday, Apr 28, 2017
It was a series of smaller problems adding up. AudioBuy agreed with my feedback related to download products, were very willing to learn and improve, took on board other ways to contact me, offered me a really good solution and the problem has now been resolved to my satisfaction. I am impressed with this company's response, it was very well handled with no blame on the customer, and a willingness to solve the issues and look after their customers. I now have the view that you can buy with confidence from AudioBuy.
Overall I had a great experience with audiobuy...
Review Posted By Rick On Saturday, Mar 25, 2017
Overall I had a great experience with audiobuy, I am from New Castle and my name is Rick, and I ordered an amp recently which got delivered to me on time and in a great condition.
AudioBuy Review
Review Posted By Brandon On Saturday, Mar 25, 2017
I didn’t ever think I would purchase an electric guitar without trying out the cords first, but I ordered from audiobuy to save time and it arrived yesterday, so far, I am really happy with the purchase.
3/5 Review
Review Posted By Rodger On Saturday, Mar 25, 2017
I ordered my guitar couple of weeks ago, the only problem I have is with the late delivery but customer services kept me in the loop about the delays so I don’t mind the late delivery.
Review Posted By Sonia On Saturday, Mar 25, 2017
I purchased a fender guitar recently from audiobuy, because I wanted to by my own guitar for playing regular gigs in my friend’s restaurant, and I received it a week ago, and I am really enjoying my experience with the guitar.
I was in search of an affordable guitar...
Review Posted By Jemaine On Saturday, Mar 25, 2017
I was in search of an affordable guitar to purchase for my gigs, I bought a fender guitar from audiobuy, I wouldn’t exactly call it affordable but it’s worth the price I have paid for it.
AudioBuy Review
Review Posted By Sarah On Saturday, Mar 25, 2017
I am Sarah and I have been saving up for a year to purchase a Fender guitar, and I am happy to say it’s worth all the money I have paid for it.
AudioBuy Review
Review Posted By John On Saturday, Mar 25, 2017
I am John and I generally don’t buy anything online, but after reading good reviews about audiobuy I ordered a guitar for my daughter, it arrived right before her birthday and she loves it, so I love it.
AudioBuy Review
Review Posted By Sarah On Saturday, Mar 25, 2017
I am Sarah, and I recently purchased an electric guitar from audiobuy, and the only problem I had was that I was not able to find if it comes with a warranty, but it arrived yesterday and I am really happy with the purchase.
Review Posted By Sofia On Saturday, Mar 25, 2017
I am Sofia, and I didn’t know where I could purchase an electric guitar for $800, but then I found audiobuy , and I think it’s worth every penny I have paid for it.
AudioBuy Review
Review Posted By Brandon On Saturday, Mar 25, 2017
I think audiobuy is rightfully called the music heaven because it has so many options available to choose from, and the customer services help you with the right product as well.
AudioBuy pedals for Australian street band
Review Posted By Sam On Friday, Mar 17, 2017
In early March me and my bandmates , the Banyo music boys as we're commonly known needed an upgrade for our pedalboard coz we were beginning to sound awful after our main guitar pedal broke down in a rained out performance. Even between the three of us on our limited budget we needed to buy a bunch of guitar pedals at the best price and shopped around beforehand for a few weeks getting quotes here and there before we found AudioBuy website - their price quote was ALOT lower than any other Australian retailer so we ended up buying from the Audio website , they also call themselves AudioShop. Us 3 got the pedals mid march about 1 week after buying them online and they all work really well. I'm personally stoked that i've found a local online retailer which can help us save cash for our guitar toys.
Fender guitar from online web shop
Review Posted By Roger On Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017
Gidday Roger here , i was after a Fender guitar and AudioBuy had just what i was looking for. 5 days later i got my tracking with fedex and the guitar showed up a little later , the guitar arrived in brand new condition and i recommend using audiobuy if you're a musician on a budget.
Ibanez guitar arrived this morning thanks
Review Posted By Gaz On Thursday, Mar 09, 2017
Gaz here i ordered an ibanez guitar on the 27th Feb about a week ago and it arrived this morning with Fedex signed delivery , really satisfied and impressed with Audiobuy's service and would highly recommend ozzy musicians give them a go if only to get the best price. I saved more than $200 buying my guitar from Audiobuy compared to the price quote i got from Mannys , they tried to explain their higher price by saying that my guitar wouldn't have a warranty or something similar?? I looked at the prices online for my guitar and all of the American stores along with Audiobuy had the guitar priced at about 1.5K while all local stores either didn't have them available or wanted closer to 2K. For my next purchase , probably guitar tuners or something of this nature I may buy locally and not from Audiobuy because they emailed me they don't sell small and cheap accessories.
Shure SM58 purchased from AudioBuy - A very good product...
Review Posted By Lloyd On Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017
We have two of these microphones with plans to get two more in the near future. The staff at Audiobuy are very knowledgeable, friendly and seem to care that you are completely satisfied with your equipment.
Refunded straight away and not delivered
Review Posted By Charlie On Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017
I ordered a guitar from AudioBuy and it was cancelled almost immediately. When i emailed Audiobuy about this they said the guitar is no longer available.
Great customer service!
Review Posted By Harry On Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017
AudioBuy Australia is a great company. I almost forgot what great quality customer service was until I found them. I have made several purchases from them and they continue to impress me every time. I would recommend them to everyone, friends and family alike. As long as they keep up this level of customer service, I will be a customer for life.
New Guitar Player in music heaven!
Review Posted By Michael On Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017
I just started taking guitar lessons about 7 months ago and AudioBuy without doubt has the best selection and best prices on all the existing music equipment anyone could possibly want or need! The free shipping is always a plus! I shop around for local deals and so far Audiobuy has surpassed them all!
Great people, great gear, great service
Review Posted By Bobby On Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017
My sales rep Paul is HIGHLY knowledgeable in areas of dj and lightning and those which i'm frequently in need of. We've had many email exchanges about which products to use and which are the best priced and he has always been very , very helpful. My recommendation of AudioBuy and their customer staff couldn't be better and I'm happy to order all of my DJ gear and client requests from AudioBuy into the future.
My son thanks you
Review Posted By Looey & Max On Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017
Audiobuy really have unbelievable customer service the most attentive and caring i've received in a number of years. The most professional and great people to work with from ordering the set to the delivery of the electronic drum set. The drum set I ordered for my 11 year old son is perfect. He absolutely loves it.
Waiting on Pioneer Turntable tracking #
Review Posted By Jemaine On Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017
Hi guys i'm waiting on my tracking number still with FEDEX ,can you please hurry up and send this to me i'm under time constraints.
My first experience dealing with website
Review Posted By Howie On Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017
First experience buying hardware from the AudioBuys online store and Paul was very helpful. Thanks for such an easy transaction and fast shipping. Now I know why my guitarist only buys from you.
Strobo tuner from AudioBuy - ok review...
Review Posted By Gerald On Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017
It took a while to get here but was free shipping internationally which i couldn't resist. I wished it had a power supply with it and that the usb cable was longer but the tuner is the the best. Will need a clip-on device with a headphone jack to plug into the phone for noisy situations. Works great for on the go.
Rocker girl loves Audiobuy
Review Posted By Lindsay On Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017
Hi my name is Lindsay a rocker girl from South Perth , I'm really happy with AudioBuy and I have been dealing with Paul from AudioBuy for 5 years now! Hands down the best experience with every purchase that I make. He always goes beyond the call of duty!! Will not shop anywhere else!!
Enjoyed buying from your store.
Review Posted By Kevin On Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017
Found you online while looking for ibanez guitars. Your online store was easy to browse through and your prices are really good i can't believe you guys offered me free shipping for such a large guitar with hardcase. Icing on the cake was the free D'Addardio pups :)
Found AudioBuy online
Review Posted By Katrina On Saturday, Mar 04, 2017
While searching the web for various guitars and pedals the AudioBuy Australia website popped up. I spent a lot of time on their site comparing their prices to other sites. I e-mailed some questions and Brian answered them very promptly. I was also very pleased to find that their store offered free shipping to my address and all import taxes would be taken care of and i wouldn't need to pay any extra.
I was extremely pleased...
Review Posted By Tony On Saturday, Mar 04, 2017
I was extremely pleased with the excellent service from AudioBuy... they answered all of my questions ahead so that I was able to choose the right products. Comparing their prices with several other sites and stores I feel like I also got the best price and my order was processed immediately. I would definitely recommend this store and order from them again! Thank you, Katie and AudioBuy!
Takamine Guitar Review
Review Posted By Harvey On Saturday, Mar 04, 2017
I saw audiobuy advertised in one of my music magazines and saw they were selling a Takamine guitar I wanted. I purchased a Takamine EF340SBG Pro Series guitar which is everything it was billed to be and more. I found the same guitar at a competing online seller and AudioBuy Australia said they would match the price. Still waiting on the store credit but I'm confident they'll come through.
Waiting on tracking details , please send urgently
Review Posted By Patty On Saturday, Mar 04, 2017
Can you please email my tracking # for the PRS CE24 guitar I purchased. You took pictures of the guitar before I ordered it and i was told I'd be getting my tracking number before the end of today....waiting eagerly.
Happy with my boss purchase
Review Posted By Sarah May On Saturday, Mar 04, 2017
I recently bought a Boss GT001 at AudioBuy Australia ( and had an extremely nice shopping experience with regards to shipping, checkout process and prices. The prices for the GT001 are pretty much the same everywhere but i found that Audiobuy had the lowest price. When i contacted my local shop for a price match they refused to price match and tried to win my sale by telling lies. The GT001 is an extremely versatile device by the way with outstanding sound quality.
Buy with confidence!
Review Posted By Freea On Saturday, Mar 04, 2017
Shopping for a keyboard is not necessarily a recurring business; you buy one every so often until you have what you need, and may go years between transactions. I've purchased from twice and in both instances couldn't have been happier in essentially every way.
Top Customer Service, Fast Delivery and Genuine Involvement
Review Posted By Aaron On Saturday, Mar 04, 2017
Audiobuy Australia are fantastic and have the best customer service. The week before Thanksgiving I purchased a low cost Yamaha P-115 piano with a few guitar pedals after ordering at the discounted price organised by Katie. I'm in Australia with a son at College in New York, who was missing his piano very much.
Great service, returning customer.
Review Posted By Natalie On Friday, Mar 03, 2017
These guys are awesome & we no longer purchase from my local music store because Singapore offer everything my local store does but at a much lower price and have stock available ready to ship about 3/4 of the time.
A little disappointed
Review Posted By Weisel On Friday, Mar 03, 2017
one month ago I want to buy akg headphones from and i paid 260 dollars ,but after 10 days I did not get anything, so I emailed them. After 2 days i received an email saying they got the stock inventory wrong and they'd be shipping out in 1 week. I waited the week and got the tracking number , i got the product but the initial time they said it'd take was really wrong
AudioBuy are always reliable and well priced
Review Posted By Huan On Friday, Mar 03, 2017
My local stores in Hong Kong don't have the gear I want often and are always charging way too much compared to overseas stores. I began buying from AudioBuy about 1 year ago with a small purchase because I'd been the victim of an online scam in the past , my first order arrived and since then i've been buying quite alot of gear from the Hong Kong website. Thanks guys!
Great customer service
Review Posted By Axel On Friday, Mar 03, 2017
The item I purchased didn't meet my requirements so i returned the item hassle free , because of this i'm sure i'll be using AudioBuy again in the future but will research the product i want more before buying online.
Outstanding customer service
Review Posted By Munish On Thursday, Mar 02, 2017
We just received 2 very good mics from Audiobuy with plans to get a few more before recording sessions re-start this month. The guys at were very helpful in pushing down the price when we asked for bulk pricing quotes and we're completely satisfied with your equipment. I'm not able to comment on their returns,refunds or warranty policy as we haven't needed to do any of these.
Trustable products and company BUT...
Review Posted By Huan On Thursday, Mar 02, 2017
Ordered a Behringer X-touch Compact and there was a quick check of available stock before even allowed to purchase. Katie was most helpful and she single-handedly quelled any suspicion of spam or fraud cases via her quick and understanding emails. The product was not available in Singapore so I took the opportunity to order it via their Audiobuy virtual office online. The speed of the purchase and smoothness of transactions made expectation of tracking/delivery/response very high. BUT this is not a company like Amazon/Taobo/Alibaba. No doub t it handles orders well but tracking and postage is not really working in tandem with them as yet. It took about a 2.5 weeks for my product to arrive from their HQ in USA to Singapore. It arrived in perfect condition and as advertised. Trustable products with good communication via Katie, good price and no hidden costs. Once the understanding that this is not Amazon helps to alleviate worries.
Good service from AudioBuy and overall good in the end
Review Posted By Antonio On Thursday, Mar 02, 2017
Time was taken to carefully wrap my guitar and for this we are appreciating your efforts , the guitar arrived on time and we will be buying again I think if we can afford the better series of delay pedals. Thanks to you AudioBuy!
Just got my CIOKS power supply from AudioBuy
Review Posted By Robert On Thursday, Mar 02, 2017
I read up about the power supply from CIOKS to power my guitar pedals and found AudioBuy after a google search. I'd never used AudioBuy before but the low price and quick response I got made me push ahead with the order. After I paid AudioBuy i got worried for 2 days that I'd been scammed because i didn't get a tracking number but i got my Fedex tracking at the end of the second day after ordering and they delivered really fast. The only problem was the power plug i got was USA because the item was shipped from the USA so I needed to buy a $2 adaptor - aside from this i'd give AudioBuy a perfect score of 5/5.
Outstanding customer service
Review Posted By Anthony On Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017
AudioBuy is always there with their excellent support. Whenever I order they contact me quickly and make sure all is good with my order. They used to contact me to run verifications but they know me now so all is good :) They contact me when my product is being shipped and then they follow up to make sure I got my product and they ask how I like my product. I haven't shopped from any other online company who care so much about their customer!
A very good product...
Review Posted By Lloyd On Wednesday, Feb 08, 2017
We just received 2 very good mics from Audiobuy with plans to get a few more before recording sessions re-start this month. The guys at were very helpful in pushing down the price when we asked for bulk pricing quotes and we're completely satisifed with your equipment. I'm not able to comment on their returns,refunds or warranty policy as we haven't needed to do any of these.
Great service - 5 out of 5
Review Posted By Richard On Wednesday, Feb 08, 2017
I purchased a pair of KRK Rokit speakers a few months ago and just received an email from asking to review them. I was informed they were brand new but had been in the warehouse for a few months and so the boxing had a few scuff marks... Australia gave me the option of getting those or getting new stock from KRK. They arrived (each weigh 30kg) in mint condition. Very happy customer! Australia - Awful customer service
Review Posted By Tom On Wednesday, Feb 08, 2017
I asked about if they had more yahama drum modules in stock and I got a reply that they'd be more in stock within a few days so i went ahead and checked out on the store. A week later i still didn't get the tracking # so i emailed them and had to wait 3 more days before they finally gave me the tracking number. Improve your customer service and stop misleading customers!!
Missing item , email me back faster guys!
Review Posted By Jon On Tuesday, Feb 07, 2017
I have emailed in the morning about my missing item in my order. I purchased 2 guitars and 1 pickup , I got the 2 guitars but where is my pickup???? I'm still waiting for a response and I'm hoping AudioBuy read this review so they can respond. I'll give this another 24 hours before taking matters further.
Ordering Experience -
Review Posted By Andreas On Monday, Feb 06, 2017
The staffmembers I've communicated with at AudioBuy have been awesome through the whole online ordering processes and emailed me during the order to confirm everything was correct and also refunded prices on some purchases that dropped in price after I ordered them. Everything was packaged great and safe and turned up quick with Fedex Tracking. Thanks guys!
Quick supply of product, no fuss
Review Posted By Matthew SixPence On Monday, Feb 06, 2017
I'm happy no complaints , no fuss or delay in getting my tracking and delivery. May use AudioBuy again ,being a musician aint cheap.
Flexible and helpful
Review Posted By Andrew On Monday, Feb 06, 2017
I have dealt with AudioBuy a few times now , the first time i purchased from them I was very precautious because of information I was told by a business competitor about them not providing a warranty. After I received my first purchase I made another order and have since found them to be extremely helpful and ready to negotiate or price match without sacrificing quality service.
Great service!
Review Posted By David On Monday, Feb 06, 2017
I bought the DDJ-RZ and it came with a faulty nob. But I took it back the next day and They gave me a new controller in perfect condition.
Audio Technica headphones
Review Posted By Gary On Monday, Feb 06, 2017
Good prompt delivery.for my wife's birthday present. I ordered this completely online after discussions previously when I bought a set for myself.
Ibanez guitar arrived but they got the pickup order wrong first time around...
Review Posted By Justin On Monday, Feb 06, 2017
i bought a new Jem for my daughter and included 2 extra DiMarzios , my guitar luthier mate was going to install the separate pickups in the Jem when it arrived. The first problem was the guitar took just a week to arrive , I thought Fedex were faster than 7 day delivery but I guess i was wrong. The guitar arrived in good condition but when we opened the box it was disappointing to see that AudioBuy packers had obviously confused the dimarzio set with a single pickup , after 2 days of emailing back and forth with Katie they agreed to send me the pickup set and I could keep the single pickup i'd received. Overall , it's a mixture of a good and bad experience.
This was my first order with AudioBuys
Review Posted By Martin On Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
This was my first order with AudioBuys, and it was a great experience! Although it took some time for my order to ship; the prices were great, and the merchandise arrived in perfect shape! My only complaint is that they never respond to price matching requests. I will continue to do business with Audiobuy , and would recommend them to my friends. They're quite good!
Good but confused communication from the staff
Review Posted By Christopher On Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
Item arrived quickly and in good condition even though I originally got a notification that it was backordered.
Delivered but didn't get the tracking number?
Review Posted By Rocker Ray On Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
Ordered a guitar from music 123 on Dec 27 and received it promptly on Jan 3 using standard shipping. I was unable to track the shipment online as no UPS tracking number was provided. I requested tracking info by email and recieved a very slow response (recieved on 1/6) after the item arrived. This would have been a great experience except for not being able to track the shipment.
My rating of AudioBuy
Review Posted By Dennis On Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
Really bad customer service but the guitar eventually arrived after multiple issues. I ordered a cheap Godin guitar valued at just above $1000 so I asked for insurance and tracking. They responded with my tracking number and said all the items Audiobuys ship include freight insurance. This is where the problems started. After 2 days the guitar was not yet delivered but the tracking number showed delivered. I contacted AudioBuy and told them that I had not received the guitar and they told me it was delivered and to check my address again. At this point I began to get really upset and asked to talk to the manager of Audiobuy , I passed onto a girl called katie who told me she'd look into it. After another nail biting 2 days I was emailed that the tracking number details were updated and showed the item was waiting for me at my local post pickup. In the end the guitar got to me , albeit after 1-2 weeks but the initial tracking number was a really stressful time.
No hassle online purchase
Review Posted By Felix On Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
I've purchased about five items from AudioBuy in the last 9 months or so. Every purchase came quickly to my door and in perfect working order. The last item purchased was the Fender IV bass butterscotch. I was a little concerned about this order, but it came in 11 days in perfect condition. Who ever packed it did a great job! I've never had to contact their customer support people so I can't really comment on their communication or refund policy.
Waste of my time...
Review Posted By Wanona On Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
I tried to order 2 times with them, both times I got an email saying my purchase failed to be billed due to a flag in their security system which could not be overridden. Why bother listing items for sale if you can't even bill your customers? Avoid this seller.
Thanks Katie :)
Review Posted By Matthew Simpson On Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
Katie at AudioBuy did a very aggressive price match on a Yamaha Keyboard, that three other vendors refused to do after instructing me NOT to buy from this seller. I ordered late Friday afternoon with regular free delivery. I received tracking information the next day and shipment of all three items ordered was received the following Friday afternoon. All items were well packed and delivered as promised for an unbeatable price. Transaction was very smooth. No complaints about price matching. Very satisfied will order again. Note to other buyers ..... if you're trying to negotiate the best price with AudioBuy i'd suggest asking to communicate with Katie. She's very helpful and discounted my bulk order which the other guy wasn't willing to do when I first got in contact with AudioBuy.
AudioBuy Review - Shure SM57 Microphone
Review Posted By Peter On Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
I am very pleased with the company Audiobuy and particularly Katie who really helped me out. At first I was chessed because the item I wanted was on backorder, however they were very helpful in canceling my initial order and allowing me to choose the same item but as a different color that was in stock. They were also very prompt with my refund, the issue with the refund being on Paypal's end due to their security system flagging my payment as suspicious. After calling Paypal and emailing AudioBuy all ended well. The speed at which my item was delivered was a plus, it took only 3 days for my item to get to me.
AudioBuy and Amazon shipment mix up
Review Posted By Marvin On Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
It looks like things haven't gotten any better since 2014 when i last bought from Audiobuy. I ordered a Pioneer DJ accessory kit from Amazon and AudioBuy was the seller when the parcel shipped but it arrived in a poorly protected cardboard box 1 day later than the scheduled FEDEX delivery date. AudioBuy offered a $20 credit on my next purchase which is the only redeeming aspect of my second purchase but at least the item arrived within a reasonable timeframe and brand new.
New Ibanez JS guitar just arrived thanks AudioBuy
Review Posted By Michelle On Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
I think unhappy customers are more likely to write a review than the ones that are happy with their purchase. I am quite happy with AudioBuy so I will share my experience. I ordered a Joe Satriani (new red mustang one) last week and received it in less than 7 days including the weekend. The guitar arrived in the original factory box and packed within another shipping container provided by the guys at AudioBuy. I do feel, however, the outer container should have been marked "Fragile Do Not Drop" as was the inner factory box. The guitar did arrive safe and sound though. I have played the guitar and checked all the switches, knobs, etc. and have found nothing that does not work properly. I am quite pleased with my purchase and would not hesitate to buy again from Audiobuy , for this reason and more my review is a perfect 5 out of 5!
A little embarrassed
Review Posted By Charlie DJ House On Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
One month ago i went online to Audiobuy to buy a set of earphones to have delivered to my house. I paid about $300 dollars but after 6 days I did not get anything. The next day I emailed AudioBuy about what the hell was going on and they said the earphones weren't in stock but someone else at my company had apparently agreed to us waiting a few days for more stock to arrive and be shipped. I was not aware of this so I asked around my office and it turns out AudioBuy were right so I ended up sending loud emails for no reason. I apologised to the guy at AudioBuy about the attitude and requested a tracking number which he emailed through. Looking back on the experience now it was overall a pleasant one. The item left their address 5 days after my card was billed and then with Fedex for another 4 days. I got my earphones in the end and would recommend AudioBuy if their price is right.
Mucked around
Review Posted By Marcus On Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
Paid for express delivery didn't turn up till 6 days latter
One of your staff was arrogant
Review Posted By Mark On Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
One of your staff was arrogant
Fantastic headphones for the price - brand new too!
Review Posted By Gil On Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
I bought the Sennheiser HD 201 headphones from the Australian brand of AudioBuy and they are a fantastic set of headphones for the price. Exceptionally clear sound and very comfortable to wear. Service from Katie was excellent and i'll be back to buy more stuff soon when I can afford it. Being a musician on a tight budget I think we need more music shops selling to Australia at the prices the same product costs overseas. When I spent a week checking the price for the same set of headphones at other music stores I was taken back by difference in price and never really got an answer or justification on why they were asking so much the end of the day it wasn't a big purchase from Audiobuy but if I were spending more money I'd be tempted to buy from overseas again just to save a few hundred bucks if nothing else. I'm ranting on here a bit , thanks AudioBuy.
Audiobuy have good products, good prices but slow delivery
Review Posted By Greta On Sunday, Feb 05, 2017
I ordered three products from AudioBuy , around the $1.5k mark was the sum total of my purchase. One item wasn't in stock , I was notified about this and when they could send all of the items because they apparently needed to ship all items together instead of individually. I was notified about 1 week later with the tracking number and my order finally arrived this morning. Took about 13 days in total so I could've saved time purchasing locally but potentially spent more. I don't know what the local price is for the order I made through AudioBuy but overall i'd rate these guys 4/5 and will probably use them again along with my bandmate who plays the bass.
Good choice choosing this store
Review Posted By Joseph On Saturday, Feb 04, 2017
Paul from AudioBuy was extremely polite throughout the ordering process , both well informed and accommodating. I ordered a Martin Black Smoko guitar and i'm really happy with it , I did my research before buying from the AudioBuy store and they are an independent webshop. My only criticism would be the shipping method used , I expected a FEDEX tracking number but instead received a USPS tracking number. When I told AudioBuy about this they apologised and said that some parcels ship FEDEX while others ship USPS depending on the price and volume of the item being shipped. Overall , I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend!!
Best price I found locally (or globally) on an Akai EWI USB.
Review Posted By Steve On Saturday, Feb 04, 2017
The reason for 4 rather than 5 stars is that I had a concern about delays in shipping after realising that the item would not be coming from a Sydney dealer but from the US (and becayse I was soon moving house). I assumed I'm dealing with an Australian retailer who has the item in stock. When I contacted AudioBuy about it via email they failed to respond. Nevertheless, I received the EWI in a couple of weeks and it was well packaged, and it's working very well. So I would use these guys again, but keeping in mind that they are probably just an importer and you'll get your gear shipped from overseas.
Be more patient
Review Posted By Tsen On Thursday, Feb 02, 2017
Be more patients to your customers please. I thankyou for the delivery of pedal but you please need to be more patient with me if buy one more time.
Ordered a Blue ENCORE Mic from AudioBuy
Review Posted By Gary On Thursday, Feb 02, 2017
Ordered the product. Estimated delivery date was correct. Picked it up from the PO BOX locker and saw the well wrapped parcel just sitting there and I was very happy indeed. My review of AudioBuy couldn't better 5/5.
Great prices but slow emails sometimes
Review Posted By Matthew On Thursday, Feb 02, 2017
I ordered my son a tech 21 pedal for Xmas , i was told it was in stock but for some reason the tracking number was only emailed to me after 3 days and the communication was quite slow at times.
Don't believe the hype
Review Posted By Michelle On Saturday, Jan 28, 2017
I just received my new Schecter in the mail after a 2 day customs clearance delay and I'm very happy with my purchase. Prior to purchasing from Audiobuy I made a few calls to other music shops asking for quotes and the best price. Their price did not come close but tried to win my sale by offering an extended warranty for the Schecter guitar and used scare tactics about buying from overseas retailers. I eventually made the decision to go with AudioBuy and they were very helpful pre-purchased in terms of the stock levels and the total cost it would make to my bank account. All in all i'm rating AudioBuy a 5/5 star rating , I got exactly what I ordered and the guitar is in immaculate shiny condition. The only downside I can think of would be the phone support AudioBuy offer. My emails were responded to within a few hours and I'll definitely be purchasing from AudioBuy again but not another guitar maybe a set of DiMarzios. Thanks AudioBuy!
Good choice choosing this store
Review Posted By Scotty On Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017
So I was facing an issue whether or not to buy 2 guitars from my local or from overseas at the cheaper price. I was reluctant at first especially after my local store , who will go un-named , told me every story under the sun to not purchase from overseas and the end cost would be the same , if not more. I spent some time comparing the price of AudioBuy with my local store and dedicated to go with Audiobuy for this one and received several well communicated emails so I felt confident moving forward. The first guitar arrived about 1 week ago and the second guitar just arrived so i'm very happy and in the mood for leaving this positive review of Audiobuy. If you're considering buying a guitar , dj or any other type of musical instrument then I would suggest stopping by AudioBuy to check on their price and comparing it to your local store - if the price difference is huge then yes , perhaps buying from overseas markets is the better decision to make.
Thanks for shipping inside the hardcase
Review Posted By Samuel On Tuesday, Jan 17, 2017
Hey guys i just opened my hardcase box and a nice new shiny guitar is now sitting in my room , thanks for shipping the guitar as requested in the hardcase - however , YOU FORGOT TO INCLUDE THE EXTRA PACK OF ACOUSTIC STRINGS that you promised. This isn't a big deal but the prices for acoustic strings locally are very dear. My rating would've been 5 except for the strings issue but its OK. Thanks AudioBuy :)
Review Posted By Ricard On Saturday, Jan 14, 2017
hi guys I just got my box in the mail and am very pleased but haven't fully tried out the novation yet , your included note including the 10% next time discount is very appreciated thankyou. However, my only criticism I hope you can improve on is your shipping company FEDEX , they took 2 days to pick up the Novation from your premises when you told us it would be picked up the following day.
Why does your carrier take so long?
Review Posted By Elliot P On Saturday, Jan 14, 2017
I ordered a Martin guitar just over a week ago and it is STILL IN TRANSIT with FEDEX pending clearance or something like this. If FEDEX don't deliver the guitar within a few days I'll be a very unhappy man.
I got the product but shipping took a little too long
Review Posted By Jack On Friday, Jan 13, 2017
We got the product eventually but it was with Fedex for over 5 days which is very unusual , AudioBuy shipped the guitar quite quickly but their carrier in this case let them down..
Hmm Ok...
Review Posted By Brandon On Thursday, Jan 12, 2017
I bought a pickup and received an email saying I would be informed of the tracking number once packed to ship. 4 working days later I received a refund from Paypal from audiobuy. were responsive to my pre-purchase questions...
Review Posted By Michael On Thursday, Jan 12, 2017
Audiobuy were responsive to my pre-purchase questions. They also supplied the item I ordered at an extremely competitive price and delivered it very promptly. They were a pleasure to deal with and I give them a high recommendation.
$2510 AUD guitar purchase from Audiobuy went very well
Review Posted By Brian P On Thursday, Jan 12, 2017
I ordered a Martin Black Smoko guitar and i'm really happy with it , I did my research before buying from the AudioBuy store and they are an independent webshop and had the guitar available to me from the USA when no local store did so I'm very happy overall with my purchase and would recommend Audiobuy to fellow musicians - ps if you're ordering from this store a high ticket item then reach out to Michelle in accounts as she was the only one able to give me a good discount since I was spending a fair chunk of change. Approximate cost: $2510
AudioBuy USA Review
Review Posted By Bronte On Thursday, Jan 12, 2017
Digitech Trio+ arrived safe from the USA. AudioBuy were excellent to deal with, any emails or questions were answered promptly.
Not happy at the moment!
Review Posted By Preston On Thursday, Jan 12, 2017
Pretty awful really. I ordered mic a week ago and can't seem to get a reply on when I can expect my order. I have got 2 emails saying they will contact me but that's it. Not happy at all so far. Won't ever buy from them again
Very satisfied Behringer XR16 owner...
Review Posted By Ryan On Thursday, Jan 12, 2017
Very satisfied Behringer XR16 owner thanks to Audiobuy. While there was a small hiccup with my order at the start this was easily resolved with an email to their support team. Would definitely recommend. Review
Review Posted By Scott On Thursday, Jan 12, 2017
So far I have purchased a Tech 21 Fly Rig RK5 and an EHX MEL9 Tape Replay Machine. Price was the best in Australia and the communication was fantastic. It may take time to deliver but always worth the wait. Paul the manager does respond to emails. I will remain a customer. Regards, Scott