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About Us

Family owned and operated construction company with over a 100 years of combined property construction experience.

Cemento Group chaired by Enzo Salsano a building veteran highly renown within the industry and Stephen Fabrizio bringing a powerful captivating approach to multi residential and commercial mix use developments within Sydney' Metropolitan areas.

Cemento Groups original approach to design and build driving Sydney's ever so strong property sectors. Cemento Group directors have experienced all elements within market trends capitalising on client briefs and further advancing to becoming one of Sydney's fastest growing development companies.

Pride in delivering projects in record breaking time frames and ensuring that structurally sound buildings are completed to the requirements of clients brief. With existing developments ranging from 38 to 130 residential apartment spec built projects along with mix use projects all concurrent and boastful pipeline client requests.

Cemento Group caters for private to corporate type clients for design and build discussions and accommodates all tender requests.

Cemento Group strive for client relationships full of longevity in all regards from design phase right through to handover.

Cemento Groups future within Sydney's forever changing property industry will be here to stay and with huge plans in changing the entire building experience from client to builder to handover and sale, Cemento Group plans to facilitate and provide property solutions in all areas residential and commercial property Sydney wide.

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Spanning three generations of building and construction knowledge, Cemento Group

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Cemento Group

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29 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery

29 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery

Reflecting the creativity and ingenuity for which Rosebery has become synonymous, this boutique development comprises of only 26 huge home apartments and is an undertaking from revered Architects Bennett Murada. Achieving an abundance of space and light and showcasing an grand caliber of finishes and intelligent design, 29 Dunning Avenue, Roseber is no doubt one of those boutique developments that Cemento Group can really boast about. Due for completion around December 2019.....Read Full Article

2-24 Mentmore Avenue, Rosebery

2-24 Mentmore Avenue, Rosebery

When you can't help but take a nice photo of your crane! Crane came down at ASTOR - Nearing completion in what has been a solid performance at team Cemento with 101 apartments nearing its finale stages of completion. What a great day to take video footage on a cracker Sydney winters afternoon!Just as the awnings came down with the sunset, Cemento Group captured footage of 29 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery one of our current under developments nearing completion in Sydney’s thriving Rosebery/Zetland/Waterloo area.Team Cemento Group#cementogroup....Read Full Article


FRAUDSTERS these blokes should not be aloud to profit off other people’s losses. They should not be aloud to build . There parents obviously never taught them to honour there word. I don’t know anyone that has an apartment made by these dodgey scammers that does not have a list full of defects. And they give excuse after excuse promise to come on certain dates . The latest was they can’t do the defects for at least 12 months because of covid-19. Mind you I have been asking for 18months. My place had 1 coat of paint and it was sprayed on , while they did that they also managed to spray over the hynges. You can see where the gyprock sheets meet each other. The door stops the put on where all too short. The doors are not on straight. And when I pointed it out , the maintenance bloke said what 2 mm out this place has got 100 doors in it they are going to be out. I then had to prove to him that they was infact 14mm out. I believe that bloke has now been sacked however don’t let him be the scapegoat these blokes hired him and the first thing I seen him doing was bogey so they would have too . The fact it took that long to fire someone so bad shows how incompetent you guys are. The lot of you. Pathetic. Like people save up and work there butts off to get a place and you rob them. Like swines you rob from everyday people with families trying to have a go. Shame on you , shame on the lot of you. Shame on your mothers and fathers you bringing such scumbags into the world. Like jelly fish u have no backbone. The owner you give italians a bad name , every hard working Italian .brutto figlio di puttana bastardo. You sell out. Cornuto. Warning don’t get these blokes to build for you they are by far the worst you could choose. Door handles don’t work condensation all threw the house in winter . Heavy rain makes water come threw. Cupboards on the stairwell it’s actually not legal. Floor is in even in rooms. Gaps under every door. And believe me that’s just touching the edges. Rating out of 10 is FUCKED. Not to mention how late they where too. - Review Posted By Dave On Sunday, May 24, 2020.

Review Verified Sunday, May 24, 2020

From a real owner review: Irresponsible Builder

Real owner review: I would give 0 stars if I can. We bought our unit over 3 years ago and the building defects (ours and the whole building) have not been fixed yet. We have wet walls in our unit and they make no effort to respond to our concerns. We have also just recently realised that our building is not fire compliant after we received fire order from the council. Apparently they do not care much about their customers' health and safety. So for future buyers out there, please beware !!! - Review Posted By Ryan On Saturday, Sep 21, 2019.

Review Verified Saturday, Sep 21, 2019

Think Twice

My block and the one beside it in Glebe were built by Cemento. Three and a half years later we are still trying to have issues associated with fire compliance orders by City of Sydney settled and look likely to be fined by them because Cemento hasn’t returned to rectify problems despite promises. Our strata has spent $160,000 in legal fees chasing this company with a resultant massive increase in strata levies. - Review Posted By William O’Connor On Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019.

Review Verified Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019

Great Job Guys

Very impressed with ASTOR Rosebery gents! Well done great job! - Review Posted By Darren On Thursday, Jul 19, 2018.

Review Verified Thursday, Jul 19, 2018

Fantastic Builders

Highly recommended and without doubt the best building company in Sydney! - Review Posted By Steve Messte On Friday, Jul 06, 2018.

Review Verified Friday, Jul 06, 2018

Fantastic Builders!!

Great builders very astute team and an overall great bunch of guys! They assisted me during a stressful move. Great handover division. No doubt the best builders in Sydney! - Review Posted By Ryan Brunic On Friday, Jun 29, 2018.

Review Verified Friday, Jun 29, 2018

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