Alive Health

Chiropractors In Orange , New South Wales

Alive Health offers natural therapy solutions to help you feel and function better. Alison Bennett is the owner and chiropractor at Alive Health.
Chiropractic is a gentle and effective treatment for back pain, neck pain headaches and migraines. If you suffer with pins and needles or any joint pain chiropractic is an excellent option to provide you with relief. Alive Health has the latest technology with digital gait scans, postural analysis software, on-site digital x-ray facility, and live movement training equipment. We are able to thoroughly assess your condition and provide safe effective treatment to get you the results you are looking for
Angela Slattery is our experienced and dedicated remedial massage therapist. Massage is important for relieving muscle tension and help the recovery of sore and tired muscles.Angela uses a variety of techniques to provide relaxation and relief of muscle tension, including deep tissue, myofascial release, dry needling, and aromatherapy