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Outbax - Owned and Operated in Australia since 2012 is leading the way in supply of High Calibre Outdoor & Camping Products that can take on the Australian Outback and more.

Specialising in a range of 4wd & Camping products such as inverter generators, camping solar panels, Bestway air mattress, inflatable spa and more, we, being the family at Outbax, dedicate our time and focus in all of the details to give you the best products and value possible. We are open and honest and our well accomplished Customer Service team are always on hand around the clock to help you if you ever need it!

Our products are unparalleled and we provide expert service at lightning speed! with a 60-day money back for Change of Mind to boot! Check out our Reviews from thousands of super happy customers who trust us and say they’ll be back for more!

  • Outbax - Outdoor Gear Retailers In Sydney
  • Outbax - Outdoor Gear Retailers In Sydney
  • Outbax - Outdoor Gear Retailers In Sydney

Camping Gear and Outdoor Camping Equipment

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Avoid at all cost

This company held on to my money for two months, did not communicate unless prompted and in the end decided to refund as they could not provide the product. TWO MONTHS AFTER PURCHASE. I had to chase this company up all the way, they never provided any information on their own accord, and never showed any initiative. I ordered a pool for Christmas, on the 27th of November. Many emails went backwards and forwards between me and Outbax, always on my initiative. For the first time in this process of 28 emails and nearly 1.5 months, Outbax pro-actively contacted me and asked me again whether I wanted a refund or whether I still wanted the pool. I asked them to send the pool as I finally wanted to cool down after this heated exchange. Then, on the 18th of January I got another email saying that the pool was damaged by the courier, and I was advised that I had to be refunded. Thanks Outbax, for nothing but an incredible waste of time. - Review Posted By A. Versteeg On Monday, Jan 18, 2021.

Review Verified Monday, Jan 18, 2021

GenTrax 3.5kW Pure Sine Wave Petrol Inverter Camping Generator

Excellent, prompt service. Ordered and delivered within four days. Generator, 3.5kva, runs quietly. Highly recommended. - Review Posted By Graeme Beggs On Tuesday, Sep 22, 2020.

Review Verified Tuesday, Sep 22, 2020

loving our spa

We had no problem with ordering and our delivery arrived 2 days early. We are amazed at the quality for price and LOVE our spa, we have put 3 people so far onto your site as they also want one of these. - Review Posted By Till Family On Tuesday, Sep 24, 2019.

Review Verified Tuesday, Sep 24, 2019

Great product. does everything it should.

thank you guys. received my 3.5 kva gentrax 4days after placing order. works great. started in a couple of trys. let it idle a few hours before plugging any thing in. runs every thing in the caravan at once. ( had to try it) the genny bit noiser than the promo. great service great genny would recommend highly recommend both you and your product. - Review Posted By Richard On Tuesday, Sep 24, 2019.

Review Verified Tuesday, Sep 24, 2019

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