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Good guys don’t need finish last. When we know what you are looking at, we don’t get caught out by other people’s behaviour. This workshop gives you practical tools, the opportunity to discuss real case studies and mentoring to generate your own unique solutions to dealing with baiters. Deeply helpful for young people, parents, business owners, service providers and their clients.


With greater levels of insecurity in our daily lives it is not surprising that it affects us. In this experiential workshop, we use hypnotherapy to work with the plasticity of your brain, releasing negative feelings and experiences, rehearsing preferred ways of feeling and being, and harmonising the conscious and subconscious minds. For young people and their parents.


We live in a complex world where parents want to give children every benefit. We want them to have full and happy lives and enjoy what they have. Research has shown that people with more choices and options are often not as happy as that those with less. The lesson of ‘how much is enough’ is a complex one and can take children many years to master. Come and learn how your parenting style can set your child up for a happier life.

“Our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.” Nelson Mandela


Become a ‘mandated notifier’ and a part of the community-focused endeavour to care and protect children at risk of abuse and neglect. Recommended for work with children in South Australia and accepted by Teachers Registration Board, a Department of Child Protection certificate awarded with successful completion of assessments. Workbooks are provided.


The journey a child takes to heal sexual abuse has predictable milestones. The trauma of child sexual abuse creates known health issues and typical ways of thinking. Where parents and caregivers are primed for the issues and prepared to provide calm and kind support the journey is easier. For non-offending parents with a child affected by sexual abuse.


Come and try Reiki, an ancient healing technique and seven (7) level system of enlightenment. This science of energy is hands-on practicality. No belief is necessary. Fill yourself with universal life-force energy, connect with other like-minded people and receive a temporary attunement that will give you access to the Reiki energy for a week. Perfect for parents needing TLC, and as an experience to share with young people.

If you would like to talk to someone about our workshops, a private class or a free 20-30minute counselling session… call 0438 234 793.

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