Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing-aid Batteries - $42.50

We supply a full range of  100% mercury free  hearing-aid  & cochlear implant batteries. They come on dial-packs of six batteries. The minimum order is for 60 batteries and these may be of mixed sizes. 

They are available in the following industry standard sizes and colour-codings:

  • Size   A10MF    - yellow
  • Size   A13MF    - orange
  • Size   A312MF   - brown  
  • Size   A675MF   - mauve  and
  • Size   A675PMF - sky blue  (for cochlear implants).

These batteries are of top quality, are fully guaranteed  and the use-by-date is about three years into the future. The manufacturer holds about a large share of the 35,000,000 National Health Service market in the UK. Personal service guaranteed.