Mystery School


In our global community, we are spending more and more time with people like us. Come and join us at this practical workshop for insight, skills and a reminder that you have what it takes to connect with people of different cultures, ages and lifestyle. Transcend hyper-normalism and become culturally competent.


Discover the divine clues in your name and date of birth. Be guided through the analysis of these numbers that influence your life. Arrive at an understanding of your spiritual gifts and life’s purpose.

SEERSHIP (4.5 days)

In this experiential workshop, you will learn the difference between psychics and seers, to discriminate between glamour and Truth, and how to meditate for spiritual expansion. You will discover how to use a crystal to access your inner wisdom and highest truth and connect with your spiritual teachers on the Highest sub-plane of the Mental plane.

If you would like to talk to someone about our workshops, a private class or a free 20-30minute counselling session… call 0438 234 793.

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