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About Us

Fruitful Online SEO is a social enterprise business. We believe that every dollar you spend creates the world we live in. So we work with businesses who want to make the world a better place with the products and services they offer. For every client that we help we also help someone who is disadvantaged. We use the Investment Samaritan Fund to generate an ongoing source of money to give to charities and organisations that help improve the social and environmental standards of communities therefore giving them better options in life. See more here

We have a dream of a world where everything is 100% recycled, organic, zero waste, and business is carried out from the heart. Where the health wellbeing and prosperity of all people is put before the profit of any business, company or corporation.

As an SEO company we are uniquely placed to help businesses grow through online enquires. So of course we want to help businesses that further our dream. Therefore business that create sustainable, organic products, or provide services with a low environmental impact, natural health focus or better social outcomes.

We specialise in SEO that brings you clients from your local area. We believe in helping everyone to shop locally for goods and services and therefore reducing the impact. We only work on websites that are built in WordPress. We use YouTube to run our video SEO service.

We really look forward to discovering if our service is a good fit for your business. You are welcome to request a free video assessment to see if we can help.

Our Services

  •     WordPress Website SEO done for you
  •     Video SEO – new service coming soon
  •     Online SEO video Training Course

Georgie HopeI worked as a Dietitian for 8 years and then moved into a Nutrition marketing/sales type role for an international company both in the UK and Australia. I have always been interested in Natural Health and found that it really had no place in the current so called “Public Health system”. So I wanted a change.

Ironically I discovered SEO and internet marketing when I was worked for 10 months as a mortgage broker during the global financial crisis. None of the marketing strategies the company suggested worked except for the changes that I made to their website. This lead to an internet marketing course and the rest is history.

Since early 2009 I have been working in the field of internet marketing and search engine optimisation. I worked as an SEO consultant for a registered training organisation where I worked on a website that reached $100,000 of online product sales a month. I then helped contribute to the SEO strategy for Flight Centre that created a significant increase in SEO traffic to the website. I now work with small to medium sized businesses who want to make the world a better place. I am passionate about helping businesses that are eco friendly, non toxic, organic, sustainable, natural health, or social outcome focused type businesses.

I love what I do. SEO requires you to love numbers, research, results, problem solving and constant change. So it suits my personality perfectly. I look forward to finding out about your dreams and helping grow your business.

Review Posted By Kaylee On Saturday, Nov 05, 2016
We engaged Fruitful Online to help boost our rank in Google when due to changes Google implemented we were just nowhere to be seen on-line. Georgie was very detailed on what she would do and the timeframe she expected us to achieve the results we wanted. After dealing with several other companies promising the same we were over the moon when not only did Fruitful Online deliver results to get us ranking back on page 1 they also achieved this faster than expected. We receive monthly reports so we can see exactly how our investment is performing and are also provided with suggestions on how we can further improve. With the majority of our leads coming from our Web page this is an investment that we see the best returns on. It is a pleasure dealing with a company that really knows what they are doing and delivers on what they say they will do.
Amazing company
Review Posted By Google SEO Guy On Sunday, Oct 09, 2016
amazing company and very good at what they do !

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