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Brisbane Laser Tattoo Removal Services at Medilase - 

3.5 million removals between us!  

This is experience!

Medilase doesn't boast about Lasers, we get the job right!

Is your search for the "best" tattoo removal clinic being clouded?

There is no such thing called a miraculous removal in 2 treatments.

There is such a thing as "medical experience" and "tattoo industry knowledge".

We are talking about Medilase.

  • Tattoo Removal Procedures with your comfort and safety first in mind.
  • Blister free treatments, have a pre-treatment to minimize this  post procedural event. 
  • Medilase Tattoo Removal Procedures Brisbane, in privacy, with care about your outcomes and direction.
  • Specializing in all colors, all sizes, all skin types.
  • Specializing in consulting with you if you want a re-work of a new tattoo.
  • Pin-Point precision that 90% of Lasers cannot manage.
  • We safely leave surrounding tattoos beautifully intact.
  • Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation which is often the reverse of the tattoo, left on your skin, we will assist you to manage this.
  • Back to Skin, where Laser can no longer find ink.
  • Damage from  previous removals - Medilase will treat and minimize upon assessment.
  • Medilase has expertise in Scar Damage? 
  • Medilase liaises with some of Australia's leading tattooists in order that you only need as few removals as possible prior to a new work.

The results were amazing!
Review Posted By Kym D On Wednesday, Aug 23, 2017
I was never judged, frowned upon by the caring staff at MEDILASE as had been the case at other tattoo removal places I had visited. My tattoos weren’t a mistake, I just needed newer work over the older tattoos that I had. Firstly Medilase prices were totally affordable, secondly I was given lots of personal attention and time, and consulting, and thirdly the treatment was super-fast for me, and the results were amazing. My new tatts are ready to be started!

Tattoo ink gone, but brown image of tattoo left behind!
What is PIH - Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?You might be looking down at your skin, where your tattoo used to be, and you are so disappointed, because you "think" the...Read Full Article