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Aquascape Supplies are Australia and New Zealand's source for pond equipment and water features. 

From Balcony to Acreage, Recreational Ponds and Large Scale Projects, a stunning water feature is possible in any space. Take a minute to look at the many options available.

The Water Feature Lifestyle - what you experience owning and living with a water feature. It’s how you interact with it but even more importantly; it’s how it interacts with you, right where you live ... at home!

We offer professional advice from experienced pond designers and builders and can assist you with the right equipment for your project, including pond liners and pond pumps plus different water feature options.

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  • Photo for Aquascape Supplies Australia- Landscaping in Yandina 4561 , Queensland
  • Photo for Aquascape Supplies Australia- Landscaping in Yandina 4561 , Queensland

Pond Liners, Pond Pumps & Water Features For Any Lifestyle

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