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97 Winton Rd ,Joondalup,Western Australia,6027,Australia

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Crown Security are WA's leading security company providing high tech security cameras in Perth as well as full security systems to both residential and commercial customers.

Formed in 1994 Crown Security has grown into one of the leading security system companies in Perth and across WA.

Crown is your one-stop provider of tailored home security, commercial security and home automation solutions to suit your lifestyle and budget. We’re also fully OHS compliant (Cm3 and iPRO LIVE), ensuring we’re a suitable for any job, commercial or residential.

With an experienced team of 15 and a fleet of 10 vehicles on the road, we are always prepared to meet the needs of clients, however complex or basic.

Our large modern premises in Joondalup Western Australia, is home to our General, Operations and Administration Managers as well as our team of Consultants and office support staff. Light and bright, these premises are fully functioning and feature interactive displays of our many cutting-edge electronic systems.

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  • Photo For Crown Security In Joondalup,  Australia
  • Photo For Crown Security In Joondalup,  Australia
  • Photo For Crown Security In Joondalup,  Australia
  • Photo For Crown Security In Joondalup,  Australia

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If you require more information please phone 08 9400 6000 or visit our website. All profile related content remains the sole property of Crown Security.

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