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Astrology, Spiritual & Genealogy In South Arm , Tasmania
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3 Female Fates-Spin Doctors of Time! provide YOU with Personal Witty, Wacky and at times, Wickedly Funny, Gypsy Witch Dice Readings, Your Lucky Name's Spell Chart, Enchanting Tarot Story Telling, Divine Dream Analysis, Your Angel Spirit Guides Speak, Precious Pet Photo Readings, Ancient Mystical Rune Casting, You and Yor Avatars= Yor Persona, Your Hair Speaks...

3 Female Fates offer a SMS FortuneCookie Service.

A Wacky Wicked Witch and A 1,000 Year Blood Thirsty Vampire deliver live-Skype special entertainment greetings; book online, or order personal dvd to be posted. (birthdays, weddings, marriage proposals, promotions, redundancies, sackings, births, wakes, divorce, cock and hens parties a speciality )

Sells unique tarot theme spreads (BethamyNADER:1998)

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Ghost Recorder: Record your Visitations, Sightings and Hauntings. This online register is free, private and encourages participation and provides non-discriminatory free online support.

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