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Welcome to Garden Gnome How..... your horticultural helper for gardening advice and assistance aswell as garden design services.

Rebecca Roach is a fully qualified Horticulturist and Garden Designer. She is passionate about gardening and the wellbeing it brings to our lives.  Garden Gnome How was created as a way to share gardening knowledge in a unique way using three different facets; horticultural advice and assistance consultations, garden design services and school programs and activities.

Horticultural advice and assistance is a personalised service where Rebecca will visit you in your garden to teach you the how and why of gardening fundamentals.  So many people would like to get into gardening but just don't know where to start or who to ask.  It's one thing to read how to do something, it's another thing to have your own horticulturist come and visit and show you how to do things like prune roses or fruit trees, how to assess your soil and why it matters, look at those problem areas in your garden where, no matter which plant you choose, it keeps dying. A horticultural helper consultation will leave you with new found knowledge to help you get into the garden with confidence, joy and ultimately success.  Rebecca is friendly, professional, enthusiastic and approachable. She loves getting people excited about getting into their gardens!

Garden design services are all about creating your dream garden.  Having a garden space you love brings joy and contentment to our lives.  Rebecca is able to cover all your garden design needs, whether you just need some simple plant selection help and inspiration, ideas in the form of concept designs and mood boards, right through to a fully detailed working plan with horticultural listing.  Rebecca has designed small courtyard gardens, large front and back gardens and even cemetery gardens. 

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