Australian Nomad Technologies

Internet Services In Stockyard Creek , New South Wales

A Truly Portable Satellite Broadband Solution

Australian Nomad Technologies has developed Australia's first Portable Broadband Satellite Internet System that is totally portable, gives full coverage anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, is simple and fast to set up, and is easily stored.

Now you really can travel all of this great country and keep in touch. If you can see the Australian northern sky, you can connect at broadband speeds.

We understand the needs of Australian travelers because, like you, we love to follow the road less travelled - and we like to keep in touch.

Also avalable is our Self-Seeking, Fully Automated, Portable Internet ready to go at the touch of a button!

For the ultimate in convenience and security this is a fully automated, roof mount solution.

The Datastorm XF2 .98 meter motorised Satellite antenna systems is in a class of its own. Designed for the harshest of conditions (up to 128km/h winds!), the system will insure that you are never out of touch with the outside world, no matter how far you roam.

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