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Style With Cindy: Empowering Your Personal Style Journey.

For over two decades, Style With Cindy has revolutionized the personal styling landscape in Australia. Led by the visionary Style Director and Course Facilitator, Cindy Newstead, Style With Cindy has become a trusted name for anyone seeking to elevate their personal style and unlock their inner confidence.

A Pioneering Force: Cindy's passion for style extends beyond individual clients.  Since 2016, Style With Cindy has established itself as the official stylist for prestigious entities like Chadstone The Fashion Capital and The Glen shopping centre. This leadership extends beyond Melbourne, with elite certified stylists guiding clients in Sydney, Brisbane, The Gold Coast, and across Australia.

The Hub of Style Expertise: In 2016, Style With Cindy took a groundbreaking step, opening the  first and only privately owned Styling Suite within a major shopping centre – located at Chadstone The Fashion Capital. This haven for Melbourne's leading personal stylists and makeover experts boasts a welcoming atmosphere where you can access a range of personalized services.

Tailored Solutions for Every Budget:  Whether you're seeking a complete wardrobe makeover, a color analysis to enhance your natural beauty, or simply guidance on affordable personal shopping, Style With Cindy offers solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget. Our experienced team collaborates with you to define your unique style and guide you in expressing yourself authentically through your clothing.

Unlocking Confidence Through Style: Our approach goes beyond mere aesthetics.  We empower individuals to use clothing as a tool to enhance their body shape and exude confidence in any situation.  No matter your age or background – from teenagers to seasoned professionals – our stylists in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and The Gold Coast possess an uncanny ability to understand your unique personality, body type, and lifestyle.

Your Personal Style Journey Begins Here:

We understand that every client is unique. Unlike stylists aligned with specific brands, our team is completely independent. This allows them to focus entirely on you,  curating looks that complement your personality, body shape, coloring, lifestyle, and age.  They don't just dress you – they dress you for you!

Highly Trained Professionals:

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond natural talent. Our stylists are highly trained and certified professionals who have completed over 15,000 sessions, ensuring they possess the expertise to guide you on your style journey.  These individuals are not only skilled in the art of style but also possess exceptional interpersonal qualities. Their empathetic and caring nature ensures a comfortable and empowering experience for each client.

A Collaborative Culture: Style With Cindy fosters a culture of teamwork and collaboration. Our stylists regularly convene to discuss new trends, client relations, and personal styling techniques. This ensures you receive the most innovative and personalized service available.

Finding the Perfect Fit:  With a diverse team of stylists, we ensure you're paired with the perfect individual who understands your vision and desired outcome.

Empowered by Experience: Each stylist benefits from Cindy's extensive experience, having conducted over 8,000 consultations.  This translates into a wealth of knowledge and expertise at your disposal.

Unveiling Your Personal Style:  To learn more about our diverse team, visit our dedicated pages showcasing our stylists in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Style With Cindy: Embrace your confidence and radiate your inner style with our expert guidance!

  • Style With Cindy - Fashion In Malvern East
  • Style With Cindy - Fashion In Malvern East
  • Style With Cindy - Fashion In Malvern East

Style With Cindy - Personal Stylists Melbourne

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Just completed a two-week Vietnam tour with Style With Cindy. Cal and Cindy were just fantastic and so was our accommodation, making for a five-star experience. I went there there as trailing spouse with predominantly an overriding interest in Vietnam’s post-WWII history. Not once did I feel that Cal and Cindy were any less inclined to cater for my needs than those focused on the style aspects of the tour. I’ve done a lot of group travel over the years and can safely say I’ve encountered no better tour directors. Just brilliant, warm and hard-working people ready to go to any lengths to make their tour members feel welcome. An incredible two weeks away immersing in Vietnam that I would recommend to anybody. - Review Posted By John Michell On Tuesday, Jun 11, 2024.

Review Verified Tuesday, Jun 11, 2024

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