Accounting Measures

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Accounting Measures are models built as Excel Workbooks using Visual Basic Applications. The models provide quantitative tools for fundamental, ongoing business needs common to any industry sector and suitable to all areas of management. The models are fully automated and roll forward for each new cycle as required. They are supplied with concise User Guide booklets.

There are 3 Models that can be applied in any business (starting file sizes shown in brackets) :-
- Profit & Loss Forecasts - Budgets (16,300KB) - for forecasting
- Weekly Business Analysis (21,200KB) - for KPI's
- Employees & Resources Charge Allocations (14,400KB) - for charge rates.

The models mostly only need historical data to be entered (once the setting up or changing of any of the Variables has been done) so the models mainly only require a data entry function - all of the results are calculated fields. The forecasting model also has provision for extra entries if needed.

The models are logically structured and user friendly. Error messages are provided throughout them to help users with missing or incorrect data. Also concise User Guides each ranging from 12 - 18 booklet pages explain each sheet and macro in each model for easy reference.
The models all contain various summary reports which can be run and checked also as part of the data input function before final verification by management.

These models save extensive time and cost of otherwise having to build, maintain and audit large workbooks either in-house or by employing extra resources - there are no maintenance requirements with these models. They have undergone extensive testing.

There is a one off payment for each model - no further expenditure is required - there are no annual charges. There are no additional costs for extra Users in the same User Area. There are discounts for multiple purchases across Products or User Areas.

Other in-house workbooks can be used to link data into these models.

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