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Tech-Dry SA provides homeowners with treatment and repair solutions for their salt damp issues. We cover all range of the repairs including treatment, plastering and stone and brick repairs.

Salt Damp Specialists in Treatment and Repair

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What is Rising Damp and Salt Attack?

What is Rising Damp and Salt Attack?

Rising Damp – it is enough to put a home owner into a spin, as they watch the process of dampness and salts rising from the ground to eat away at their home.  This process occurs as moisture is drawn into mortar and masonry materials by the process of capillary suction.It is the same process as putting water into a container and then placing a sponge in that water.  The effect of capillary suction resulting in the sponge taking on water.Masonry has fine pores, small fissures and cracks and just like the sponge, ground moisture will....Read Full Article