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The Podcast Boss - Radio Stations In Birkdale

About Us

Our Mission is to help brands get closer to their audience to deliver their message, get their vision across, and ultimately, generate a stronger bond, a relationship with their clients.

Inspire your audience to do that of what you offer

  • Are you a travel business? Inspire them to go out and travel
  • An investment business? Inspire them to learn and invest wisely
  • A building business? Inspire them to DIY, restore, build
We want to free-up your time so you can create fabulous content to deliver and grow your audience through your podcast, so we have created and are focusing in only three goals with you
Goal One
To take care of all the technical requirements for your podcast, all of them:

  • Recording: we setup and manage the recording software, so the client just tells us the date, time and guests to be recorded. A producer will assist the recording session.
  • Editing and mastering: we provide a professional audio engineer to edit and master the show.
  • Hosting and Distribution: we upload the episodes to the best hosting and distribution options for you, making sure your message gets to your audience, giving your show the best chance to be a successful podcast
  • 48 hours turnaround: Each episode has a turnaround of up to 48 hours once the last piece of content has been recorded, meaning that once all the sections of an episode have been recorded, will take 48 hours or less for such episode to be live. 
Goal Two
To help you focus on your content, so you have the most engaging, interesting and smart content possible:

  • We work on the structure of your show, and find the best way we can get your audience hooked to your podcast from the very beginning
  • If you need to, we can help you write, co-host or host your podcast. We are proud of have professional presenters and writers that are mad about podcasts, and love being part of them.
Goal Three
To help you grow your audience, by promoting your show in the right environments:

  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are strongholds for episodes promotion, and we work with you providing all the necessary content for distribution in your networks.
  • Podcasts transcripts and episode teasers are powerful tools for promotion; we provide them to you so together we can attract more audience faster.

  • The Podcast Boss - Radio Stations In Birkdale
  • The Podcast Boss - Radio Stations In Birkdale
  • The Podcast Boss - Radio Stations In Birkdale
  • The Podcast Boss - Radio Stations In Birkdale

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