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The Power of THOR

Supporting Aussie farmers, Contractors and Machinery Owners.

Thor Rock Breakers and Post Drivers Pty Ltd are a long-established Australian family owned and operated business supplying rock breaking hammers and post drivers/rammers to suit machines from 800 kg – 55 tonne including:
  • Mini Loaders;
  • Skid Steers;
  • Mini, midi and large platform excavators;
  • Tractors,
  • Loaders and
  • Telehandlers
From the outback to the coast THOR is recognised as Australia’s preferred supplier delivering on power, performance and price, backed by over 40 years of qualified experience and customer service second to none.

Thor Rock Breakers and Post Drivers Pty Ltd provides extensive warranties, back up services and stocks parts and accessories for all attachments.

THOR Hydraulic Rock Breaking Hammers

Thor hydraulic rock breakers are also known in the field as hydraulic breakers; hydraulic hammers; hydraulic jackhammers; hydraulic rock hammers and hydraulic rock drills. 

Driven by hydraulic power, Thor Rock Breakers are premium, robust, heavy construction machinery attachments that excel in a wide range of applications including:
  • rock excavation and secondary breaking in quarries and mines.
  • demolition and deconstruction.
  • concrete and asphalt cutting.
  • in bridge, tunnel and foundation construction projects
  • infrastructure, road and civil construction.
  • trenching, landscaping and more
Ground Breaking Technology

THOR’S Silenced Series of rock breaking hammers boast a higher power to weight ratio than competitors.  They have less body weight, yet a higher impacting performance.

Thor Rock Breakers have been engineered with an advanced lower noise shell and patented cushioned vibration protection system that reduces the impact on the machine. This ensures that it is more comfortable for the operator to work with and is also much better for working in populated areas.   THOR’S simple sliding bush design prolongs the service life of the hammer/breaker and reduces after sales maintenance costs.

THOR has a notable reputation for providing Australians with hydraulic rock breaking hammers that deliver an efficient strike frequency and a powerful blow force.

THOR Hydraulic Post Drivers

THOR hydraulic post drivers are also referred to in the field as post drivers; hydraulic post thumpers; post thumpers; pile drivers; post hammers; post rammers; pile drivers; post basher; post knockers; knockers; post bangers; post reamers; post drills and more.

THOR Post Drivers are an attachment that can significantly extend a machine’s capability, increasing the operators’ flexibility and enabling fencing and construction jobs for a wide range of industries including:
  • domestic and civil construction;
  • government;
  • agriculture and farming;
  • landscaping;
  • forestry;
  • vineyards and horticulture;
  • marine & jetty construction;
  • soil conservation;
  • renewable energy farms and more.
Fast and Easy

THOR post drivers allow machine operators to install posts much faster and safer than hand operated tools or conventional falling weight machines, by controlling the post driving attachment from the comfort and safety within their machine.

THOR post driver tools (moils) have a cupped head which fit snuggly around the top the post allowing the operator to effectively position the post by moving the machine’s boom or arms

Thor Rock Breakers and Post Drivers stock a complete range of different size tools (moils) to efficiently drive a range of different materials.  THOR post drivers with easily drive steel posts including galvanised posts; rain iron; drill stem (bore casing) etc. into even the hardest ground.  When driving timber posts into hard ground, pencilling posts or starting with a pre-drilled hole is recommended.

THOR Hydraulic Plate Compactors

* Super Heavy-Duty Construction

* Commercial Hydraulic Components

THOR Hydraulic Plate Compactors are also known in the field as plate compactors; vibratory compactors; excavator plate compactors; compaction plates; whackers and wackers.

THOR hydraulic plate compactors are the optimal attachment for compacting waste or compacting soil, aggregate, sand and recycled materials etc. for construction projects that require a stable subsurface - even in trenches, foundations and on slope applications.

Safe, Fast and Economical

THOR hydraulic plate compactors are easy to operate; fast and economical to use and can access areas deemed unsafe or inaccessible for conventional machines and rollers. THOR compactors easily attach to the boom or arms of excavators and loaders and operated from the safety of the machine’s cabin.

THOR compactors can practically work in any area that an excavator or loader boom can reach including steep slopes and trenches and can also compact around and over pipe, around obstructions or to the top of pilings or sheet pile.  They work fast and are cleaner to use with minimal disturbance to the surrounding ground.

The robust, high quality design and construction of THOR Hydraulic Plate Compactors is underpinned by a 2 x year factory-backed warranty, providing customers with purchasing confidence and ownership peace of mind.


Send us the make and model of your machine(s) for information and an obligation-free quote on the best sized THOR Hydraulic Post Driver, Rock Breaker or Compaction Plate to suit your specific needs.


P: 02 4964 9161

M: 0418 325 710 (Simon Taylor)

  • THOR Rock Breakers & Post Drivers - Machinery & Tools Manufacturers In Heatherbrae
  • THOR Rock Breakers & Post Drivers - Machinery & Tools Manufacturers In Heatherbrae
  • THOR Rock Breakers & Post Drivers - Machinery & Tools Manufacturers In Heatherbrae
  • THOR Rock Breakers & Post Drivers - Machinery & Tools Manufacturers In Heatherbrae
  • THOR Rock Breakers & Post Drivers - Machinery & Tools Manufacturers In Heatherbrae

Australia's Best Hydraulic Post Drivers / Rammers and Hydraulic Rock Hammers / Breakers

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