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The US tax specialists at US Global Tax pride themselves on assisting clients with expert US tax compliance services. Through high tech systems, professional staff, and friendly customer service, they’re able to make even the most complex situations straight forward for their clients.

US Global tax provides a wide range of services, not only for US expats but also businesses, trusts, and or any individual with US-based income or investments.

United States citizens are subject to tax on their worldwide income, regardless of its source. For most, this usually requires that they file a US tax return, even if they’re living in Australia. This makes it critical that expats know their FATCA and FBAR obligations, and properly fill out the requisite forms to report all financial holdings and claim all available exemptions.

The clients of US Global Tax range from students with limited income up to multi-national corporations and high net-worth individuals. The wealth of experience at US Global Tax guarantees they’ll be able to assist with even the most complex situations in a friendly, jargon-free manner.

US Global Tax’s wide range of services also includes assistance with expats’ 401K, Fincen form 114, and other issues pertaining to both individual taxation and foreign company tax.

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  • US Global Tax Australia Legal Services Photo
  • US Global Tax Australia Legal Services Photo
  • US Global Tax Australia Legal Services Photo

US Global Tax Australia

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If you require more information please phone +61 2 9211 7130 or visit our website. All profile related content remains the sole property of US Global Tax Australia.

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